Kids In Glass Houses – Peace

Kids In Glass Houses - Peace

After a series of mellow songs, it’s time to crank up the volume for this week’s Throwback Thursday entry. This song was released not that far ago (2013) by a band that, unfortunately, broke up one year later. KIGH, in case you never heard of them, were a rock/punk-rock band from Wales that were active for 8 years, releasing 4 studio albums in total. Despite achieving success in the UK, they unfortunately disbanded after just one year, possibly due to the lack of international recognition.

“Peace” served as the lead single from their eponymous final album. While the entire record was fantastic, the standout track was undoubtedly its opening title song—a high-energy, guitar-driven rock anthem with punk-rock elements and an irresistibly catchy chorus. It’s nearly impossible to listen to it without joining in and singing along. I challenge you to give it a try!

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