Neve – It’s Over Now

I wonder what would have happened with Neve had they released their first and only album during the social media age. In 1999, they got a hit single with It’s Over Now after it got featured on the soundtrack of the movie The Faculty, peaking at #30 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chat. Unfortunately, the band’s could not capitalise on that because it took them almost one year to release their first and only album. Between that and poor promotion, the record didn’t do well and a short time later Neve got dropped from the label. The band broke up in 2001, with some of its members forming another band called Genius, later renamed to Stars Align, that didn’t fare much better. Last I heard from them, they were hinting at a reunion on their Facebook’s page but nothing concrete has come out of that.

Neve‘s self-titled album was one of my favorite records from the 2000s, full of solid alternative rock songs and It’s Over Now, which was a heck of a track. If you had never listened to this song before, you are in for a treat; and if you had, let’s remember it as this week’s Throwback Thursday, while we wonder about what would have happened had they received more support from their label and from all of us.

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