Gib – Daylight

Some artists are so passionate about their art that they have to be constantly creating something. Otherwise, they feel empty. Lost.

When it comes to music, these artists can take inspiration from anything and cannot be restrained by any single genre or style. When they receive inspiration from a muse goddess, they just need to work on it. They don’t dream about massive stardom. Just being able to do what they love for a living would be enough.

Gib is such an artist. After playing bass in several projects for a good while, he decided to give it a try on his own, following his imagination without worrying about bandmates or genres. It’s a hard task to count how many tracks he has published on Spotify since 2018 but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to start promoting himself. He doesn’t have a website or even a Facebook page yet. Just a Twitter account (he’s pretty active there) as far as social media goes (of course, he got Bandcamp and Soundcloud accounts). His total focus has been on creating music, not on the business side of that.

And here’s the thing: Gib‘s music is actually pretty good. Even though it is mostly instrumental music, the styles are very diverse. His bio on Spotify lists the following genres: rock, indie, soundtrack, chill, pop, and dance. In other words, pretty much everything. The song I’m recommending today is an ambient track from his latest EP, Lights, and it was an automatic add to the Chill Out mixtape. I strongly suggest you check it out and then listen to other tracks from this UK-based multi-instrumentalist. With so many genres, you’re guaranteed to find more songs you’ll like.

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