Semisonic – All It Would Take

One month ago, when it became public that Semisonic was getting back together and released a new song, I wrote about DND as a Throwback Thursday post. At the time, I mentioned that their new song was ok but nothing to write home about. This time, they released another song, All it Would Take, and I do like it very much. Thank you.

Now, I’m not saying it is on par with their classics from Feeling Strangely Fine –such as Closing Time, DND or Secret Smile–, but it’s certainly my favourite song from them since that album. I, for one, missed Dan Wilson‘s voice, and even though he released several songs as a solo artist (with Breathless being a highlight); there’s something special about Semisonic.

In each of our lives, there is the possibility of meeting that one person who will change the way we see everything, a person who will give us a sense of new meaning, a mission, a passion. ‘All it Would Take‘ is our song for that moment, that person, that one voice that can change the world within you. Then you can turn outward and begin to change the world around you, too.

Dan Wilson, Semisonic

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