Luc Rushmere – Alive (Acoustic)

Now that election day in the US is over and while we wait for the official results, check this up-and-coming artist from South Africa out: Luc Rushmere. Having recently moved to Europe to pursue his career in music, he just released an EP, Wings, that is mainstream enough to really take off. His style is an amalgamation of diverse influences, including hip hop and rap, that often is too mainstream to my taste, but sometimes it has just the right amount of those urban styles to remind me of acts such as The Neighbourhood. One example of that is this acoustic version of a song Luc had released last year called Alive.

With its appealing melody, urban vibes and great pop vocals that complement very well the acoustic guitar, this track is interesting enough to keep your attention from beginning to end. If you like songs like Sweater Weather, you will definitely enjoy Alive. Give it a chance below.

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