Lone Kodiak – Bones

Lone Kodiak is an alternative rock band based out of Los Angeles, even though it started in Portland, Oregon, when Dainéal Parker and Daniel Alden met as teenagers. They have released one EP and a few singles since 2017 but are expecting to release their debut full-length album next year. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, and Explosions In The Sky; Lone Kodiak‘s music is a dynamic mix of meaningful lyrics, engaging rock and layered vocals; and the best example for that is their latest single, Bones: an exciting sign of things to come.

Bones is a stunning track with poignant lyrics about life’s ephemeral essence. It got some cinematic vibes and an interesting melody. The vocals from Dainéal are great too, as his voice reminds me of Johnny Rzeznik‘s, which is perfect for pop-rock. Unfortunately, for now there is no video/audio track for this song on Youtube, just the teaser that you can watch below. Header over to the mixtapes you can find at the bottom of this page for the full song. It deserves a listen.

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