Suave Martyrs – Tell Me What You Wanna

Mancunian band Suave Martyrs have been releasing new music at a steady pace since completing their lineup in 2019. They describe their style as a blend of ‘60s West Coast rock, Manchester-era indie and psychedelia, but their latest single, Tell Me What You Wanna, is supposed to be a departure from their usual approach. I’m not too familiar with their previous tracks in order to comment on whether that is a good thing or not, but I, for one, really enjoyed the new sound. It reminded me a bit of New Radicals and similar bands from the late ’90s.

Tell Me What You Wanna was written during the lockdown, which each band member coming up with their parts separately and merging them in production. All in all, the end product is pretty impressive considering the circumstances and the fact that the band was going in a new direction. I don’t know if the Suave Martyrs are planning to stick with this new sound, yet I hope they give it a try. It’s catchy and sounds fresh in today’s environment. Make sure to give them a try here.

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