Tobisonics feat. Costi – Eye of The Storm

Eye Of The Storm is the latest track from Tobisonics, the musical project of Luxembourg-based electro-synthwave artist Toby Davis. For this tune, he got the collaboration of London-based hip hop artist and rapper Costi and mixes in samples of President John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural speech. Now, I’m usually not keen on tracks so close to the rap and hip-hop genres but the truth is that I really dig this one. I find the chorus extremely catchy and the sampling of Kennedy’s speech (as well as its message) was a master stroke. For an in-depth review and description of the track, please visit this post written by our friend Jeff from Eclectic Music Lover. As usual, it’s excellent form start to finish.

Toby created Tobisonics in his mid-30s after losing nearly two decades to chronic anxiety and depression. I’m glad he rediscovered his love for making music because he’s obviously talented enough to create interesting pieces. It’s never too late to do what you love.

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