Shady Groves – Like You

I’ve featured quite a few good bands from Michigan lately and today I got you another one. I don’t know what exactly is causing this avalanche of great indie music coming from that state but I hope they keep it coming. Shady Groves is a collective of singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists formed in 2015 and after going through some lineup changes, it now consists of just original founders: Adam Fitzgerald & Dylan Caron. Adam also started Underflow Records, whose goal is to draw attention to under-appreciated artists from the region.

With influences such as The Smiths and The Shins, it’s not shocking that Like You, the fourth single from their second full-length album, Dreamboat, feels old and modern at the same time. It’s kind of a musical reverie that could have been part of a The Beach Boys album. However, do not think that all Shady Groves songs are like that. They’re really versatile in terms of genre, so if for some reason Like You is not right up your alley, they will probably have something else more suitable to your style. In my case, I really enjoy this track. Check it out in the mixtapes below.

Featured on the following mixtapes:

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  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that some of the best music comes from artists & bands living in cold, dank climates like Michigan, where they spend months indoors writing songs and practicing their music. Think of all the British artists, as well as those from Canada and Northern Europe. Then you’ve got all those incredible Russian composers of classical music… (Of course, lots of great music also comes from Southern California and the Southern U.S., Australia, the Caribbean and Africa, so perhaps my theory is crap.)

    1. Haha interesting theory. It could very well be the case, at least for music that is supposed to be more for listening than dancing. Music from warmer places tends to be more suitable for dancing. I think you’re into something here. I have a similar theory for developed/developing countries.

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