Lost In Japan – Lonely

Lost In Japan - Lonely

Lost In Japan is a Canadian band whose members have never actually being lost in that Asian country. That being said, I dig that band’s name and, more importantly, their indie rock music. With a sound reminiscing of Arkells and My Favorite Highway (obscure reference), Lost In Japan have received plenty of support in their hometown of London, Ontario, and even amassed over 500k streams for their debut album (2018). They’re getting ready to release a sophomore EP and Lonely is its latest leading single.

Frontman Addison Johnson wrote Lonely three years ago while he was on tour. He wanted to channel the loneliness he was feeling while away from his family. Eventually, after other band members added their input to it, the tune morphed into the version we can listen to now. What I really love about Lonely is the infectious chorus that Addison delivers flawlessly. It’s a really catchy tune that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Featured on the following mixtapes:

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  1. You always share such great songs H.G.O, and this is another stellar tune. like their band name too, and once reviewed a band called Goodnight Japan, fronted by a guy from Mexico of all places!

    1. Ah thanks for the kind words. I really really appreciate it. It helps that I’m not getting submissions by email anymore (unless the sender already had my address) but via musosoup. This means that for borderline calls, I can lean towards no now without feeling bad. As much as I tried to avoid that, it was hard to remain neutral.
      Anyway, I digress. Interesting anecdote about Goodnight Japan. I wonder if there are bands in Japan called ‘Lost in Nevada’ or ‘Goodbye Mexico’.

  2. You’re welcome!

    I’m still getting submissions every which way – by email, as well as by DM on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Soundcloud – though they’ve slackened off recently. I’ve had a note on my “About this Blog” page for over a year that I’m not accepting submissions, just to keep from being bombarded with them. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind just writing about singles like you do, rather than full albums, which are a lot of work and take a lot of time, although the album reviews generally get many more views.

    1. Yeah, just writing about singles takes less time but if you are still getting bombarded with submissions, listening to the tracks and replying to emails or DMs still take a lot of time, and as I do this on my spare time, that is not ideal. Moreover, as mentioned in my previous comment, I felt that it was harder for me to remain neutral with email submissions. Those borderline cases… Anyway, so far, I’m happy with the arrangement I have now.

      1. Yes, I also spend a lot of time sifting through submissions and listening to the music, not to mention the average 1-2 hours a day I spend reading others’ blog posts and listening to that music too! I follow way too many blogs, and feel obligated to check out a lot of their posts, partly to support those bloggers, but also in the hope they’ll read my posts in return.

        1. 100 %. I would like to do more of that too but I barely have enough time to visit yours between my day job, spending time with my family, etc. It would be great to be able to spend more time on this

  3. Hey guys. I’m old, and with a nod to TS Eliot, I wear my trousers rolled. I have seen about…. I’m gonna guess, 2000 bands in my life, and most of the famous ones when they were just a 5 dollar cover. You guys are good, and I’m gonna pump you with my people as much as I can. I have a hint for you, to grow your fanbase- and BTW I’m not selling anything- figure out a tour with the Ontario version of the Dead. They sell out everywhere they go, that would build your fan base really really rapidly. Anyway, just a thought from a random guy who really likes your art.

    PS- I’ll tell you who the band is if a real human answers me.

    1. Hi Dean, I guess your message is actually for Lost In Japan, as I don’t make music myself. Maybe try to reach out to them on their social media channels. Thanks for your comment!

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