Third Eye Blind – Silverlake Neophyte

Third Eye Blind  - Our Bande Apart

Artist: Third Eye Blind

Song: Silverlake Neophyte

Genres: #alternativerock

Location: San Francisco, United States

Release date: September, 2021.

Comment: Frontman Stephan Jenkins is kind of a polarizing figure nowadays but there’s no denying that Third Eye Blind is one of the most important alternative rock bands out there. Their heyday was over twenty years ago but they’re still active and relevant. In fact, four of their seven studio albums have been released in the last 12 years, with the last one, titled Our Bande Apart, dropping just last week. It’s not even close to the greatness of their first two records, but it is a decent album that I liked way more than the previous one, Screamer (2019). My favorite song is the fourth track, Silverlake Neophyte, which sounds a bit like a classic Third Eye Blind tune. It’s a song about the insecurities musicians have and never go away, no matter how successful they become. I highly recommend it.

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  1. As I commented on your Instagram post, I like their new album more than I’d expected. I haven’t really followed Third Eye Blind since their massive self-titled album (I was a Top 40/singles guy until the early 2010s, so missed out on a lot of music that wasn’t a ‘hit’ on the charts, unfortunately). But it’s nice to hear that, at 57, Jenkins still has his voice.

    1. Well, the good news is that this means you got a lot of great tunes you are yet to listen for the first time. When it comes to 3eb, here are some gems from the albums that came after their self-titled one in case you’re not familiar with them yet (by the way, Motorcycle Drive By from that record is my favorite song ever): Wounded, Slow Motion (the version with lyrics), Faster, Palm Reader, Why Can’t You Be, Everything Is Easy and Company of Strangers. And yes, totally agree on the fact that his voice still sounds the same after all these years.

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