Caroline Romano – Oddities & Prodigies

Caroline Romano - Oddities & Prodigies

Artist: Caroline Romano

Song: Oddities & Prodigies

Genres: #AlternativeRock, #Altpop

Location: Nashville, United States

Release date: February, 2022.

Comment: Twenty-year-old Nashville-based artist Caroline Romano was featured here last August (at the age of 19) with her song ‘The Hypothetical,’ part of her new album, ‘Oddities & Prodigies,’ released in February. The album, highly recommended, includes great songs like the aforementioned one and ‘Grocery Store,’ among others. However, my favorite track by far is the eponymous ‘Oddities & Prodigies,’ even better than ‘The Hypothetical.’ If you enjoy catchy #poprock songs, you might find it perfect. Check it out

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