The Royal Foundry – Little High Little Low

The Royal Foundry - Little High Little Low

Artist: The Royal Foundry

Song: Little High Little Low

Genres: #indierock #altpop

Location: Alberta, Canada

Release date: April, 2022

Comment:  If you just listened to Canadian alt-pop quartet The Royal Foundry‘s latest single, the extremely infectious Little High Little Low, you would never guess that they were once a folk duo, with real life couple Jared Salte and Bethany Schumacher at its core. The band has achieved certain recognition in their home country but this track about the importance of mental health and learning how to handle high and lows, could be the one that puts them firmly on the radar at an international level. It you like The Strumbellas (I do, a lot), you are going to love this. Enjoy!

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