Sea Girls – Falling Apart

Artist: Sea Girls

Song: Falling Apart

Genres: #altpop #indierock

Location:  London, United Kingdom

Release date: September, 2022

Comment: When I started this blog, we were in the early phases of the pandemic with plenty of spare time and no kids. It’s safe to say now that whether we are working from home or in an office environment, the work load has gone back to pre-COVID levels, and between that and parenting a soon-to-be 1-year-old, time is getting scarcer by the day. This is why I’ve been so absent this month, as maintaining this website takes considerable time, not just writing the actual posts but also listening to plenty of submissions and new music every week.

I wish I could say this is all about to change in the new year but, in truth, I simply don’t know. In fact, like many bands in the past, I may even go on an indefinite hiatus. Anyway, while I ponder the future of T.A.M., I’ll leave you here one of my favorite tracks from the last quarter of 2022: Falling Apart by British band Sea Girls. Enjoy and have a wonderful New Year!

Featured on the following mixtapes:

4 Replies to “Sea Girls – Falling Apart”

  1. I hear you about the lack of time, though in my case, my sharp reduction in posting reviews has more to do with a complete lack of enthusiasm or motivation to do any writing. Plus, I now follow so many blogs, and some days spend as many as three hours listening to the music shared, including full albums. It’s become insane, to the point I too am thinking about going on hiatus, with the exception of continuing to post my weekly top 30.

    I really like the music of Sea Girls, and have their song “Lonely” in my Top 100 of 2022.

    1. Yeah, I have to say that I still do enjoy updating the blog, even if few people really care, but yeah, I don’t enjoy spending hours listening to submissions (when I’ll only like a few of them) and having to reply to messages/emails when I didn’t like the submission. Also, updating social media channels becomes tedious.
      I wish I could have more time to visit and engage with other clubs, but I barely have enough time to do so with yours. I’m glad you plan to keep your weekly top 30 even if you decide to take a break. I’ll keep checking them out =)
      I haven’t checked your top 100 yet, but I’m planing to. =)

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