Beach Weather – Silent Type

Beach Weather

Artist: Beach Weather

Song: Silent Type

Genres: #indierock

Location: United States

Release date: March, 2023

Comment: Regular visitors of are well familiar with Beach Weather, as they are often featured on Jeff’s weekly Top 30 charts. The band released a new album last month, Pineapple Sunrise, that includes the enchanting track “Silent Type,” which showcases the band’s talent for creating catchy, yet meaningful music. The song’s upbeat melody and bright, summery vibe contrast with its lyrics, which delve into the topic of anxiety and the desire to disappear sometimes.

Despite its serious subject matter, “Silent Type” is a brilliant song that captures the complex emotions of living with anxiety. The song’s thoughtful lyrics and poignant vocals are complemented by the band’s expert instrumentation, making for a truly immersive listening experience. It’s a must-listen for any fan of thoughtful, well-crafted music.

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