Everything In Waves – Colors Return

New York-based Everything In Waves is a band with indie, emo, folk, and electronic influences. In fact, they have come up with their own genre, ‘emotronic‘, which is a mix of all those influences. The band, which is signed to Deep Elm Records (just as Lights & Motion and U137, among others), recently released a new single, Colours Return, which aims to provide some comfort to those deeply affected by the pandemic.

It is a nice and soothing track with different layers that add depth to it. Unfortunately, it is not available on Youtube yet, so you will have to visit one of the mixtapes below to hear this message of hope. I don’t have an emotronic mixtape but I think Colors Return will fit in nicely with the other songs in the Indie Mixtape. Hope you like it!

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Ellinor – By The Seaside

I don’t know what to write about Ellinor‘s music. It’s not that there’s nothing to say about her, quite the opposite. I could write about how, being the child of deaf parents and discovering music relatively late at 15, she developed such a talent for music so quickly. Or I could talk about the powerful voice this young singer/songwriter has. I could mention as well how she’s been influenced by Joan Baez, the Kooks and Johnny Cash, or how, being French, she released her first EP, River Lee, with all 4 songs written and performed in English. Or I could simply say that I think she’s immensely talented.

Instead, I think I’ll just let her music do the talking. It is that good.

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Oh Wonder – Don’t You Worry

I love writing about new, up-and-coming and/or unsigned artists I like because they are the ones who need it the most. It feels nice to help them out from this humble tribune. At the same time, I like to mix and match with new music from better-known artists as well, firstly, because not all of you might know about them; secondly, because you might not be aware they got new music out; and lastly, so that this page doesn’t become so predictable or monotonous. After featuring relatively unknown acts for about 3 or 4 days in a row, I think it is time to talk about this pretty new song from Oh Wonder: Don’t You Worry.

The British duo, who are also a couple, might not be a household name yet, but with over 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, chances are that you know about them already. In case you don’t, this alt-pop act started in 2014 when they decided to record and release one song a month for a year, songs that later became their self-titled debut album. Six years later, Oh Wonder has sold out gigs in cities like London, New York and L.A., released 3 full-length albums and several EPs. Their latest one is Home Tapes, an EP that got out one month ago and that the duo recorded and released from their London Home during the lockdown.

Don’t You Worry, which is part of Home Tapes, is a light yet beautiful indie love song about facing difficult times alongside your loved ones. It suits Josephine Vander Gucht‘s delicate but pretty voice perfectly. Give it a listen below.

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KidEyes – Ready To Go

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon KidEyes, an indie/altpop duo based our of Los Angeles. I know that it had something to do with Instagram and that it was one month ago or so, but the details evade me (did they like one of my posts? Were they mentioned by somebody I follow? I can’t remember). In any case, I’m glad I did because they make super enjoyable music, and this song being featured today is just exhibit A.

Ready To Go is the band’s latest single, which they released back in June fresh off their self-titled debut EP from 2019. It is a catchy indie pop track despite dealing with the subject of feeling lost and disoriented. I guess it could be the soundtrack of our summer on this weird year. Just listen to it here:

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Dysplay – Too Cool

“Too Cool” is a really nice song that got to me thanks to this music blog (I love that!). Dysplay is a band from the US that has been creating music since 2017. Despite being influenced by pop music from the 80s, the group still manages to sound modern. This track is no exception and it got me hooked as soon as that guitar started playing. The music video, which you can find below, is pretty good too, proving that with creativity, you can still generate nice content despite all the current limitations and budget constraints.

Give a listen to this radio-friendly tune below and make sure to keep Dysplay on the radar. If they got more songs like “Too Cool” in their future, they will be a fixture on The Alternative Mixtapes.

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Needtobreathe – Hang On

Needtobreathe, stylized as NEEDTOBREATHE, is a band from South Carolina, United States, that has been around for nearly 20 years. During that time, they have consistently released strong and often successful albums (the last one debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 album chart) but, nevertheless, they remain a mostly unknown band to the casual music fan outside the US. Their music style lies on the fence between folk, country and alternative rock. In a way, you could say they are an older and lesser-known version of Mumford & Sons.

The band will release their seventh studio album in August but a couple of their new songs have been made available already, with Hang On being one of those. It is a great song that perfectly represents what the band is about. With its upbeat rhythm and extremely catchy chorus, it got all the necessary ingredients to become a musical crush. Enjoy it below.

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Arlo Parks – Creep

Arlo Parks, which is how Anaïs Oluwatoyin Estelle Marinho is professionally known, is a singer and poet from South London with a voice to die for. In a poll of music critics ran by the BBC, Sound of 2020, she was predicted as a breakthrough act for this year. We all know what has really happened in 2020 but Arlo is so talented that she might still prove those critics right even despite the circumstances.

Arlo cannot really be classified into a specific genre, as she could flirt with R&B and soul as easily as she could do the same with indie or bedroom pop; but the song being added today to our mixtapes is definitely indie. And yes, I know this legendary Radiohead song has been covered hundreds of times by plenty of talented artists, yet Arlo Parks‘ version is so breathtaking and unique that it feels like the first time listening to Creep. The truth is that nothing I could say here would make this stunning version any justice. Just judge by yourself, here:

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flor feat. MisterWives – yellow

I love cover tracks that are not just karaoke versions of the original songs. In particular, when the artist manages to bring the song to his/her own style in a way that makes it sound as a brand new track (and even better when the styles are very different). This is exactly what flor accomplished with their cover of Coldplay’s iconic song: Yellow, for which they had a bit of help from Mandy Lee from MisterWives.

flor (they don’t use a capital F) is a pretty well-known band in the indie circuit, but in case you don’t know who they are, they started in 2014 in Oregon, US; and have released two studio albums so far. This cover of Yellow, however, is part of a EP, reimagined, that the band released in February this year, containing new versions of two of their most popular songs plus the song being featured here. All three songs come recommended and deserve a listen, but you can start with Yellow here:

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Lights & Motion – I See You

In yesterday’s entry, I mentioned why I liked cinematic (post-rock) music. Well, I probably have to thank Lights & Motion for that. Reanimation, the debut album of this Swedish one-man band, founded in 2012 by the talented Christoffer Franzén, hooked me in. The “band” is one of the main references in the genre and its songs have been featured in multiple tv commercials, tv shows and movies. Funnily enough, the song I’m recommending here today, from the Lights & Motion‘s latest album: The Great Wide Open, is perhaps the band’s less cinematic songs.

It’s not that I See You lacks Lights & Motion‘s trademark atmospheric vibes and amazing soundscapes –it doesn’t–, but I think it has more elements of indie rock, especially with the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Swedish singer Frida Sundemo. I particularly love the guitars that start playing at 1:42. All in all, it is a mesmerizing track that closes perfectly another great album by Lights & Motion and Deep Elm Records.

Isn’t I See You an instant musical crush?

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Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher

Phoebe Bridgers is the world’s favorite indie/folk artist right now. In fact, when she released her second album, Punisher, one day earlier yesterday, she became a trending topic on Twitter. So, I don’t think you need me to tell you who she is. You probably know that already.

Anyway, that a true singer/songwriter singing this type of music is having so much success in this day and age, is something that I think should be celebrated. It’s pretty rare nowadays. Besides, despite being the song after which the whole album was named, the song I’m recommending here today, Punisher, has not been released a single so far (those have been Garden Song and Kyoto). I cannot say was a huge fan of Phoebe. I mean, I do like her but not in a cannot-stop-listening-to-her kind of way. That being said, I loved the ethereal mood of this song from the first time I heard it. Ms. Bridgers has a soft and delicate voice that pulls you in in a hypnotic way. As a curious side note, musicians use the term punisher to refer –in kind of a condescending way– to super fans that linger at the merch booth in live shows a little too long. Phoebe wrote this song as if she would have been Elliot Smith’s punisher.

Maybe I’ll become a big fan after all. What about you?

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