When I started this website, my goal was to recommend tracks that I happened to discover on my own. If, along the way, I happened to receive some submissions that I liked, then I would be more than happy to feature those too. I never expected to receive so many submissions that my backlog would be constantly filled with more than 30 tracks, which also meant plenty of submissions that didn’t make the cut.

I always tried to reply to each submission regardless of the outcome but it’s come to a point where that is getting harder to harder because it takes time and this is something I do on my spare time (I do have a day job). Rather than stopping doing that completely, I have decided to experiment with a change in approach. I have recently been invited to join the Musosoup platform, which allows you to submit your track once and then the platform will distribute it to all the curators registered with them who are interested in the track’s music genre. The advantage for me is that I just have to log to that platform, listen to the submissions in my area (music genres, not location) and save the ones I like to my backlog. You get automated emails whether I save your track or not.

Everything else will remain the same. I won’t charge for reviews because I want readers to be 100% sure that the tracks featured here are songs that I genuinely liked.

Submit your track via here. Let’s give it a try and see how it goes.

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