Sigrid – It Gets Dark

Artist: Sigrid

Song: It Gets Dark

Genres: #indiepop #altpop

Location: Norway

Release date: March, 2022

Comment: Norwegian singer Sigrid got an international pop hit with Sucker Punch, from her eponymous debut album. That song was catchy and I did like it, but the young artist still managed to surprise me when I listened to It Gets Dark, a lead single off her brand new sophomore album: How To Let Go. This song is next level good. Check it out.

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Sasha Alex Sloan – WTF

Artist: Sasha Alex Sloan

Song: WTF

Genres: #indiepop #altpop

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Release date: March, 2022

Comment: WTF got some rather depressing lyrics but I fell in love with it anyway. As soon as Alexandra Artourovna Yatchenko, aka Sasha Alex Sloan (and formerly: Sasha Sloan), started singing: “Same shit, different year”, I was spellbound. One of the lead singles off Sasha’s sophomore album, I Blame The World (which is going to be released next week!), this honest track is definitely a #musicalcrush. Hopefully, there will be a few of those in the new album.

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Skinny Dippers – Wedding Ring

Artist: Skinny Dippers

Song: Wedding Ring

Genres: #indiefolk

Location: Brooklyn, United States

Release date: February, 2022

Comment: When most people hear the words: indie music, they think of songs similar to Wedding Ring, such as New Slang by The Shins (which was also part of the famous Garden State Soundtrack discussed recently here), so when you hear the second single off NY-based indie project Skinny Dippers‘ upcoming debut album, that’s what you’re going to get: a perfectly fine example of #indiemusic. From the warm guitars to frontman Ryan Gross‘ gentle vocals, this clever song about realising a little too late that the person you have an affair with is wearing a wedding ring, will certainly leave you looking forward to The Town & The City, their debut album.

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Love You Later – Keepintouch

Artist: Love You Later

Song: Keepintouch

Genres: #indiepop #indierock

Location: Nashville, United States

Release date: March, 2022.

CommentLove You Later is the #altpop solo project of Lexi Aviles, a 23-year-old artist who has opened for the likes of OneRepublic and has won the attention of multiple tastemakers in the US. After listening to her effervescent new single, Keepintouch, it’s easy to understand why. The infectious earworm, inspired by Love You Later‘s discomfort with being alone, is one of those lighthearted songs sometimes you just can’t get enough of.

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Caroline Romano – Oddities & Prodigies

Artist: Caroline Romano

Song: Oddities & Prodigies

Genres: #AlternativeRock, #Altpop

Location: Nashville, United States

Release date: February, 2022.

Comment: 20-year-old Nashville-based artist Caroline Romano was featured here last August (when she was still 19) with her song The Hypothetical, which is part of her brand new album, titled “Oddities & Prodigies“, released in February. The album comes highly recommended with several good songs like the above-mentioned one and Grocery Store, among others. However, my favorite track by far is the eponymous Oddities & Prodigies, which is even better than The Hypothetical. In fact, if you like catchy #poprock songs, you might find it perfect. Check it out!

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Cade Hoppe – Hurts

Artist: Cade Hoppe

Song: Hurts

Genres: #altpop #indiepop

Location:  New York, United States

Influences: Jack Antonoff, Coldplay, The National

Release date: January, 2022

CommentHarper James –one half of the band Eighty Ninety, which was featured here last year– produced the new EP from New York-based singer: Cade Hoppe, Tell Me How It’s Worth It,’ and you can definitely feel a similar vibe. Originally from Sacramento, this talented musician sets himself apart from other #altpop musicians with his baritone vocals. Just listen to his new single, Hurts, which he wrote after breaking up with a loved one. The catchy melody and Cade’s tone of voice make it sound really fresh. Give it a try!

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Ryan Wright – A Dream I’ll Forget

Artist: Ryan Wright

Song: A Dream I’ll Forget

Genres: #indiepop #altpop

Location: Northern Virginia, United States

Influences: The Smiths, The 1975, Lana Del Rey

Release date: January, 2022

Comment: “A Dream I’ll Forget” is an ethereal and soothing indie pop song by Virginia-based artist: Ryan Wright. It is part of an eponymous EP released earlier this month, her first one. It is quite fitting that the song talks about a dream as it certainly feels like one. The lush synths complement Ryan’s vocals pretty well, which is why you don’t want this tune to end. Ah and she was born in 2002. The sky is really the limit for her.

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Faith Low – Manic

Photo credits: rominakeyphoto

Artist: Faith Low

Song: Manic

Genres: #altpop #indiepop

Location:  Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Influences: Slipknot, Kanye West, Lana del Rey

Release date: January, 2022

Comment: There’s something about vulnerable songs that makes them almost magnetic, as if you couldn’t stop listening to them. Today’s featured song, Manic, is an example of that. In it, Faith Low sings about the struggles of battling mental illness and addiction in a way that makes you feel every single word. Musically, it’s a low-tempo pop song not unlike those of Lana del Rey, one of Faith Low‘s influences.

This talented artist had been playing in different bands for over 10 years but never as a vocalist. It was just recently that Faith Low decided to try their hand at being a #singersongwriter. Can you imagine the massive waste of talent if that hadn’t been the case? Faith Low clearly has something to say and the talent to be heard.

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Hatchie – Quicksand

Artist: Hatchie

Song: Quicksand

Genres: #indiepop #altpop

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Release date: January, 2022

Comment: Harriette Pilbeam, aka Hatchie, is a 28-year-old Australian #singersongwriter whose debut album, Keepsake (2019), was a huge success. She has announced a new album for April this year, for which she has released two singles already (This Enchanted and Quicksand) and they both sound even better than any of her previous songs. I particularly liked Quicksand, which she wrote after realizing that she will never be satisfied no matter what. There’s always something else to achieve.

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Yon Idy – In Time

Artist: Yon Idy

Song: In Time

Genres: #indierock #indiefolk

Location: Skopje, North Macedonia

Release date: January, 2022

Comment:  Yon Idy is a young musician in a country with no music industry whatsoever, according to the artist himself. He grew up listening to The Beatles and Leonard Cohen, but his latest single, In Time, sounds closer to artists such as Jason Mraz and Vance Joy. This poignant track talks about the hardships of moving on at the end of relationship you didn’t want to end. You won’t want In Time to end either but the good news is that Yon Idy is releasing his full-length debut later this year.

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