Holly Jones – Believe

Few instruments are as capable of giving you calm and peace as a piano, and when it comes to piano compositions, I favor heavily the melody over everything else. This is why I like Holly Jones‘ latest piece, Believe, so much. The song’s beautiful melody takes you on a journey to the Sea of Tranquility and back, which is very much in line with what Holly had in mind when she composed the song. Her aim was to bring relief, reassurance and comfort during these uncertain times.

This contemporary classical pianist and composer is originally from Kentucky but now lives in Oklahoma. Her debut piano album was released in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2016 when she released her sophomore record. Since then, Holly has been getting new music out regularly, including Believe just this week.

Check her work out on your favorite streaming platform. In the meantime, you can relax on this Sunday afternoon listening to Believe here.

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Evaride – What’s It All For?

I feel like I should have known about American band Evaride for a while now. Formed by the former guitar player on Glee and one of the stars in Billy Joe Armstrong’s Broadway musical “American Idiot”, their debut single got over 4 million streams on Spotify and then the band got songs featured in video games and some tv shows. Their debut EP Vol. 1 got several heavyweight producers and sound-mixers involved such as Chris Lord-Alge. I mean, there was certainly some buzz about them. That being said, I only know about Evaride because they liked one of my posts on Instagram and it caught my attention because they had the verified badge.

What’s It All For? was the first song from Evaride that I played and it blew me away how well it sounded. The top-notch production made sense once I saw who had been involved, but besides that, it was a high-energy, catchy and fun pop-rock song like those from yesteryear that are not common anymore. Even better, the lyrics had a deeper meaning than what you would expect from such a fun song (and music video, see below), basically talking about all those little stupid things we tend to do or give importance to that are essentially meaningless, like people doing whatever it takes to get more likes on social media. What could be better than songs with great melodies and good lyrics?

It will be interesting to see how far Evaride will go in the next few years.

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The Mynabirds – Shake Your Head Yes

I’m almost cheating with this week’s Throwback Thursday. Yes, this song is certainly not new (2015), but I just discovered it (well, my lovely wife did) this year. What matters, anyway, is that it is a really good song and deserves to be on the mixtapes.

The Mynabirds, is the moniker under which American singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn has been working since 2010, who had also been part of different indie bands in the past. Her music as The Mynabirds can be catalogued as indie pop or altpop and Shake Your Head Yes is no exception to that. This earworm is a simple song consisting basically of a drums machine, a synth and Laura’s hypnotic vocals, but that’s enough to make you listen it on repeat for a good while, as the musical crush this tune is. You can find it in the Pop Mixtape below.

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Neon Trees – Used To Like

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to write anything today, so this entry will be an easy and short one. Neon Trees released a new album last week, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, and even though its lead single debuted much earlier this year, I still think it’s the best track in the album. The band had a few hits in the early 2010s, like Animal, but hadn’t released any new material in 5 years. They came back with their trademark alt-pop sound but with a bigger 80s influence. Used to Like is a perfect example of that. Enjoy!

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KidEyes – Ready To Go

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon KidEyes, an indie/altpop duo based our of Los Angeles. I know that it had something to do with Instagram and that it was one month ago or so, but the details evade me (did they like one of my posts? Were they mentioned by somebody I follow? I can’t remember). In any case, I’m glad I did because they make super enjoyable music, and this song being featured today is just exhibit A.

Ready To Go is the band’s latest single, which they released back in June fresh off their self-titled debut EP from 2019. It is a catchy indie pop track despite dealing with the subject of feeling lost and disoriented. I guess it could be the soundtrack of our summer on this weird year. Just listen to it here:

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Dysplay – Too Cool

“Too Cool” is a really nice song that got to me thanks to this music blog (I love that!). Dysplay is a band from the US that has been creating music since 2017. Despite being influenced by pop music from the 80s, the group still manages to sound modern. This track is no exception and it got me hooked as soon as that guitar started playing. The music video, which you can find below, is pretty good too, proving that with creativity, you can still generate nice content despite all the current limitations and budget constraints.

Give a listen to this radio-friendly tune below and make sure to keep Dysplay on the radar. If they got more songs like “Too Cool” in their future, they will be a fixture on The Alternative Mixtapes.

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Needtobreathe – Hang On

Needtobreathe, stylized as NEEDTOBREATHE, is a band from South Carolina, United States, that has been around for nearly 20 years. During that time, they have consistently released strong and often successful albums (the last one debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 album chart) but, nevertheless, they remain a mostly unknown band to the casual music fan outside the US. Their music style lies on the fence between folk, country and alternative rock. In a way, you could say they are an older and lesser-known version of Mumford & Sons.

The band will release their seventh studio album in August but a couple of their new songs have been made available already, with Hang On being one of those. It is a great song that perfectly represents what the band is about. With its upbeat rhythm and extremely catchy chorus, it got all the necessary ingredients to become a musical crush. Enjoy it below.

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Linney – Cool

Caitlin Linney is an American singer and songwriter who is known simply as Linney. After starting her career in 2011 on Kickstarter, she has consistently written and released multiple songs, collaborated artist such as Gareth Emery, and even won some songwriting awards. Her style revolves mostly around electronic music, but it could go from indie pop all the way to trance music. While I don’t think she has had her big break yet, she’s certainly on the brink of it. She got more than 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Cool is basically an earworm she released earlier this year that I simply haven’t been able to get out of my mind since I heard it for the first time a few days ago. There is something between the soft electronic background and the ethereal way in which Linney sings this song that keeps me coming back for more. Listen to this magnetic song below at your own risk.

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The Dangerous Summer – Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up

The Dangerous Summer is an American band that sits on the border between alternative rock and punk rock. The band has been active since 2006 and even though it didn’t became big –at least not yet–, it got a decent group of fans. The Dangerous Summer’s latest studio album (although they will release a new one soon) was Mother Nature, released last year, and it had the song featured here as it lead single.

Besides having a really long name, When Were You When The Sky Opened Up got a melancholic vibe and a melodic rhythm that make it one of the most memorable songs from the subgenre in a long time. It’s the perfect tune to listen to when you get into a car and start riding. Don’t you think?

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