M83 – Amnesia

"Amnesia" by M83

Artist: M83

Song: Silent Type

Genres: #indie

Location: Antibes, France

Release date: March, 2023

Comment: M83‘s latest album ‘Fantasy’ is a beautifully crafted, dreamlike soundscape that takes inspiration from ’80s shoegaze and film soundtracks. The album is a huge, fizzing world of sound that’s designed to feel as awe-inspiring as possible. Anthony Gonzalez’s haunting voice invites the listener to embrace the darkness and sadness in the lyrics.

One standout single from the album is “Amnesia,” a nostalgic and upbeat journey that features reverb-laden guitar riffs, soft synths, and the haunting vocals mentioned above. The track is a perfect representation of the album’s overall sound, with its sugary, dreamlike feel that’s entirely welcoming. The dreamy instrumentation creates a captivating and immersive listening experience.

All in all, “Amnesia” is a must-listen for fans of M83’s previous work and those looking for a new, dreamy sound to get lost in. While Anthony Gonzalez may have intentionally turned away from commercialism with this album (after the massive success he had with “Midnight City”), the songs remain as sugary and immersive as ever, drawing inspiration from the music he grew up on and the soundscapes of film and video game music.

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NERiMA – Amnesia

“Amnesia” by Nerima

Artist: NERiMA

Song: Amnesia

Genres: #alternativerock

Location: Toronto, Canada

Release date: July, 2022

Comment: When I featured Toronto-based band Nerima for the first time over a year ago, they were working on their debut EP and I’m happy to report that Have More Fun, which is how they called it, is finally going to be available next week. Earlier this month, they dropped a new single called “Amnesia“, which didn’t disappoint. After listening to it the first time, I told Connor, the bassist, that it reminded me of Letters To Cleo, a band that had a few indie hits in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The funny thing was that neither Connor nor the other band members had ever heard of them. At least, after listening to “I Want You to Want Me”, they agreed with me. I’ll focus on that instead of the fact that I’m getting old.

Amnesia, whose lyrics tell the story of a person with dreams bigger than reality, has also been compared to Paramore and Avril Lavigne, two acts that I guess need no introduction. Whatever artist Amnesia reminds you of, the bottom line is that it is a great track by a young and talented band. May their music-industry dreams become a reality.

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