“Farewell Warning” by Royel Otis

“Farewell Warning” by Royel Otis

Artist: Royel Otis

Song: Farewell Warning

Genres: #chillout #indie

Location: Sydney, Australia

Release date: March, 2023.

Comment: If you are looking for a dreamy and melancholic song to soothe your soul, you might want to check out “Farewell Warning” by Royel Otis. This duo from Sydney, Australia is composed of Royel (vocals, guitar) and Otis (drums, keyboards), who met at a bar and grill in 2020 and decided to form a band. They usually make guitar-pop music with a nostalgic and romantic vibe, but this track, which closes their new album Sofa Kings, is completely different. It is almost an instrumental track, with a hauntingly beautiful melody that will make you feel nostalgic about a beautiful moment in the past.

“Farewell Warning” is a really difficult song to categorize, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is deeply enjoyable and almost dreamlike. Give it a listen below!

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Sylvan Weekends – Every Day

“Every Day” by Sylvan Weekends

Artist: Sylvan Weekends

Song: Outliers

Genres: #indie

Location: London, United Kingdom

Release date: May, 2023

Comment: Sylvan Weekends’ “Every Day” is a beautiful track that explores the scope of tiny details that it takes to truly get to know someone. The song is about the doubts and pessimism that come with getting to know someone. The lyrics are certainly thought-provoking and the song features beautiful harmonies and a catchy melody that draws the listener in.

The track is part of Sylvan Weekends’ debut EP “Outliers” which was released this month. The EP is a whistle-stop tour through the human condition – exploring the human psyche through every track and lyric. Nobody fits perfectly into one box and neither does their music. The EP features four other tracks: “Symmetry”, “Young & Freewheeling”, “Outliers” and “185”, with each one of them exploring different aspects of life and the human condition.

All in all, this is a stunning debut. I feel that if you enjoy bands like The Strumbellas, you will love Sylvan Weekends.

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M83 – Amnesia

"Amnesia" by M83

Artist: M83

Song: Silent Type

Genres: #indie

Location: Antibes, France

Release date: March, 2023

Comment: M83‘s latest album ‘Fantasy’ is a beautifully crafted, dreamlike soundscape that takes inspiration from ’80s shoegaze and film soundtracks. The album is a huge, fizzing world of sound that’s designed to feel as awe-inspiring as possible. Anthony Gonzalez’s haunting voice invites the listener to embrace the darkness and sadness in the lyrics.

One standout single from the album is “Amnesia,” a nostalgic and upbeat journey that features reverb-laden guitar riffs, soft synths, and the haunting vocals mentioned above. The track is a perfect representation of the album’s overall sound, with its sugary, dreamlike feel that’s entirely welcoming. The dreamy instrumentation creates a captivating and immersive listening experience.

All in all, “Amnesia” is a must-listen for fans of M83’s previous work and those looking for a new, dreamy sound to get lost in. While Anthony Gonzalez may have intentionally turned away from commercialism with this album (after the massive success he had with “Midnight City”), the songs remain as sugary and immersive as ever, drawing inspiration from the music he grew up on and the soundscapes of film and video game music.

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