Toys In The Attic – Where Giants Sleep

There’s no much background info I can give you on Toys in the Attic. All I know is that this project consists of one person, based in Rhode Island and that he is pretty active on Twitter. According to his songs’ writing credits on Spotify, his name seems to be Alexander, but the fact that really matters here is that this artist is really passionate about making music of all genres, but mostly alternative and synth-based tunes. His catalogue is small but varied, with some songs flirting closely with dance music while others, like Where Giants Sleep, are mellower.

Where Giants Sleep is a catchy track that takes you on an auditive journey. It’s easy to imagine that you are driving through a scenic route when listening to this tune, and the destination is your happy place. By all means, check Toys in the Attic out and you can start right here, right now with this addictive track.

Update: Due to legal reasons, Alexander has had to change his stage name. While old songs will remain under the Toys in the Attic moniker on streaming platforms, new music will be released as Dreddbeat.

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Gib – Daylight

Some artists are so passionate about their art that they have to be constantly creating something. Otherwise, they feel empty. Lost.

When it comes to music, these artists can take inspiration from anything and cannot be restrained by any single genre or style. When they receive inspiration from a muse goddess, they just need to work on it. They don’t dream about massive stardom. Just being able to do what they love for a living would be enough.

Gib is such an artist. After playing bass in several projects for a good while, he decided to give it a try on his own, following his imagination without worrying about bandmates or genres. It’s a hard task to count how many tracks he has published on Spotify since 2018 but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to start promoting himself. He doesn’t have a website or even a Facebook page yet. Just a Twitter account (he’s pretty active there) as far as social media goes (of course, he got Bandcamp and Soundcloud accounts). His total focus has been on creating music, not on the business side of that.

And here’s the thing: Gib‘s music is actually pretty good. Even though it is mostly instrumental music, the styles are very diverse. His bio on Spotify lists the following genres: rock, indie, soundtrack, chill, pop, and dance. In other words, pretty much everything. The song I’m recommending today is an ambient track from his latest EP, Lights, and it was an automatic add to the Chill Out mixtape. I strongly suggest you check it out and then listen to other tracks from this UK-based multi-instrumentalist. With so many genres, you’re guaranteed to find more songs you’ll like.

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Astralign – The First Time I Saw You

Astralign is an Australia-based ambient/cinematic/downtempo project from Gavin Foo, a sound designer with a passion for music. Fragments is Astralign‘s first EP, released independently and which has now become available on Spotify.

The First Time I Saw You is the most downtempo track in Fragments, to the point that I was unsure about the most appropriate mixtape for it. In the end, I chose the Chill-Out Mixtape but it could have been the Relaxing Mixtape as well. It is a soothing track that somehow manages to express in music that feeling you get the first time you see someone special. You can find this track below and, if you like it, please support/follow the artists in any of the hyperlinks above.

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Oppidum – Genius Loci

Today is a great day for music (and it is a Friday, which is always a plus). We got new albums from The Naked and Famous, Neon Trees and Neck Deep, just to name a few; and you may have heard about some “folk” artist named Taylor Swift who dropped a record too (and here is what I think about it). This entry, however, is about a little song from a different EP that also got released today without the same amount of fanfare. I hope it does not get lost in the shuffle because it certainly deserves your attention (at least if you are into ambient/chill-out music).

Oppidum, which is Latin for –roughly translated– town,  is the pseudonym of a French musician who creates hypnotic and unique arrangements mixing organic and instrumental sounds. Genius Loci, from Oppidum‘s brand new EP: Amulette, is a perfect example of that. It got some uncommon sounds for music but also a melodic cadence that transports you into places you will not want to return from. Give it a try on the mixtapes below (by the way, please don’t forget to follow them if you like them) and, if you agree with me, then check the rest of the EP out on your favorite streaming service.

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Michael FK – Towards The Dawn

Michael FK is a Moldovan musician who creates hypnotic chillout tracks with a mixture of ambient and atmospheric sounds. What I like about his songs is that he tries to transmit something to you, rather than simply repeating sound patterns in a robotic way. In the case of his latest single, Towards The Dawn, Michael wanted to convey a feeling of optimism and hope. I think he accomplished just that.

You can listen to this gorgeous track below. It will become a staple of your chilling afternoons.

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Télépopmusik – Smile

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday song is a bit different than previous entries. To begin with, it is a “chill out” tune from Télépopmusik, a French electronic music duo that released its first album, Genetic World, back in 2001. The most popular song on that album was Breathe, which got featured in a Mitsubishi television commercial and got even a Grammy nomination. That being said, it is unlikely that people who don’t follow electronic music that closely knows who they are (they are still active).

I got nothing against Breathe, but my favorite track from that album, besides δp.δq ≥ h⁄4π “L’incertitude d’Heisenberg”, is Smile. I cannot explain why, both tracks are similar, they even feature the same guest vocalist: Angela McCluskey, but there is something about Smile that is hard to put into words. I think it was the blend of Angela’s raspy voice with the delicate unconventional sounds that composed the track. I guess the best thing I could say about this song, besides its being a musical crush of mine, is that if I told you it was released yesterday instead of 19 years ago, you could totally believe it.

Had you heard this tune before? Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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