Neve – It’s Over Now

I wonder what would have happened with Neve had they released their first and only album during the social media age. In 1999, they got a hit single with It’s Over Now after it got featured on the soundtrack of the movie The Faculty, peaking at #30 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chat. Unfortunately, the band’s could not capitalise on that because it took them almost one year to release their first and only album. Between that and poor promotion, the record didn’t do well and a short time later Neve got dropped from the label. The band broke up in 2001, with some of its members forming another band called Genius, later renamed to Stars Align, that didn’t fare much better. Last I heard from them, they were hinting at a reunion on their Facebook’s page but nothing concrete has come out of that.

Neve‘s self-titled album was one of my favorite records from the 2000s, full of solid alternative rock songs and It’s Over Now, which was a heck of a track. If you had never listened to this song before, you are in for a treat; and if you had, let’s remember it as this week’s Throwback Thursday, while we wonder about what would have happened had they received more support from their label and from all of us.

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Super Whatevr – Carhartts & Converse

I admit Californian “emo-punk” –according to Apple Music– band Super Whatevr was nowhere near my radar until it dropped this song, Carhartts & Converse, featuring the prolific pop-punk icon Mark Hoppus, this month. It turns out the band has been around since 2016 and released its second full-length album back in February. However, this tune is brand new and didn’t feature on that album.

Carhartts & Converse is like a hybrid of indie pop with punk-rock. Its optimistic lyrics about self-worth and not letting others to put you down go hand in hand with the cheerful rhythm of the song. It feels like a welcome breath of fresh air on these suffocating times. Give it a try below. It will light up your weekend.

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My Chemical Romance – Disenchanted

After breaking up in 2013, last year My Chemical Romance offered a concert on December 20 and announced an international tour in 2020. Obviously, due to covid-19, that has been postponed but the fact remains that the band is back together; with rumours of a new album seeing the light next year. In addition to that, Gerard Way has been busy not only releasing his own songs but also writing comic books, with one of them being so successful that Netflix adapted it into a TV series: The Umbrella Academy, which Gerard produces as well. With the second season of this show dropping this month and the return of MCR, I thought now would be as good a time as ever to feature one of my favorite songs from the band as this week’s throwback Thursday.

Disenchanted was included on the band’s third album: 2006’s very successful The Black Parade, and since it wasn’t released as a single on a record that contained several megahits, the song got overlooked. It is a great track, though. I love its acoustic intro that quickly evolves into a full-blown tune, accompanied by some great and deep lyrics from Way. All in all, as with all outstanding songs, Disenchanted should not be forgotten. Listen to it here:

Well I was there on the day

They sold the cause for the queen

And when the lights all went out

We watched our lives on the screen

I hate the ending myself

But it started with an alright scene

My Chemical Romance, Disenchanted

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Anges & Airwaves – All That’s Left Is Love

I think Tom DeLonge is the type of person who gets easily bored by routine and repetition. One of the reasons he got into arguments with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, was that he wanted to experiment with a more “atmospheric” sound while his friends wanted to keep doing what had been successful for them so far. The bad news is that this is what eventually caused him to leave Blink-182, but –luckily for us– that is also what prompted him to form Angels & Airwaves (stylized AVA). The group is basically a cinematic rock band with a punk-rock flavour, and there is nothing wrong with that.

AVA had been relatively quiet since 2017, partly because DeLonge had been busy looking for UFOs (for real, he co-founded this company), but they are now back on track to drop a new album soon, having released three new singles already since December. All That’s Left is Love is the latest one of them and is also the one that resembles the most the band’s previous work (this is not a complaint, I liked the other two singles as well, especially Rebel Girl). All the proceeds the band makes from this single will be donated to the charity Feeding America to help with the economic impact of COVID-19.

All in all, it is a great song from one of the most curious minds in the music business today.

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Back On Earth – Save Me

If you listened to Back On Earth without knowing anything else about the band, you would be tempted to bet on that they are a band from South California whose members spend the time surfing when they are not playing gigs. I really doubt you would guess they are actually from Paris, France. I, for one, would have lost that bet.

The band plays perfectly good punk rock (or pop-punk, if you prefer to call it that way) and was formed in 2009. However, they were on a hiatus from 2014 until last year, and they have been pretty active since then. Save Me is a fun and extremely catchy (especially that chorus) tune that the band released earlier this year. If Back On Earth continues to release songs like this (and they have plans to put a new song out in July), their future looks very bright.

Please give them a try if you weren’t a fan already, I promise you that it will be fun.

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The Dangerous Summer – Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up

The Dangerous Summer is an American band that sits on the border between alternative rock and punk rock. The band has been active since 2006 and even though it didn’t became big –at least not yet–, it got a decent group of fans. The Dangerous Summer’s latest studio album (although they will release a new one soon) was Mother Nature, released last year, and it had the song featured here as it lead single.

Besides having a really long name, When Were You When The Sky Opened Up got a melancholic vibe and a melodic rhythm that make it one of the most memorable songs from the subgenre in a long time. It’s the perfect tune to listen to when you get into a car and start riding. Don’t you think?

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