“Lilium” by Gav Moran

"Lilium" by Gav Moran
 "Lilium" by Gav Moran

Artist: Gav Moran

Song: Lilium

Genres: #Instrumental, #Neoclassical, #Piano

Influences: Max Richter, Philip Glass

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Release date: May, 2023

Comment: Allow me to introduce you to the mesmerizing instrumental piece, “Lilium,” composed by the talented artist Gav Moran and featured on his excellent debut album, “Broken Pieces”. “Lilium” is a musical journey that effortlessly blends simplicity and elegance. The piano melody, at its core, is delicate yet profound, guiding the listener through a cascade of emotions that gradually intensify, culminating in a powerful crescendo accompanied by lush violins and cellos. This piece possesses a captivating quality that lingers long after its last note fades away.

The significance of the song’s title, “Lilium,” holds deeper meaning within its Latin origins, translating to “lily.” The lily, renowned as a symbol of purity and innocence, serves as a fitting representation for Moran’s composition. “Broken Pieces”, which was recorded in Gav’s home studio in Ireland, is full of hauntingly beautiful tracks. I highly recommend that you listen to the entire album in addition to “Lilium”. You will not regret it.

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“Primary Colors” by Baseball Game

Primary Colors by Baseball Game
"Primary Colors" by Baseball Game

Artist: Baseball Game

Song: Primary Colors

Genres: #indierock

Location: Nashville, United States

Release date: March, 2023

Comment: “Primary Colors” by Baseball Game is a catchy, upbeat anthem about finding hope in the midst of uncertainty. The song begins with a simple guitar riff that quickly builds into a driving beat. The vocals are clear and powerful, and the lyrics are inspiring and hopeful. The song is a perfect example of Baseball Game‘s unique sound, which blends elements of indie rock, pop, and electronic music.

The band started in 2019 and consists of Adam (vocals, guitar), Jason (guitar, production), and Ben (bass). The name “Baseball Game” came from a story from Adam’s childhood. When he was in T-ball, he played in the championship game. His team lost, and afterward he went to the wrong dugout. The other team sprayed him with red Kool-Aid and told him to get out because he didn’t belong there. Adam and Jason felt like this story was a metaphor for their band. They felt like their songs were very individual and didn’t necessarily fit together or belong.

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18 by Jonah Kagen

18 by Jonah Kagen
18 by Jonah Kagen

Artist: Jonah Kagen

Song: 18

Genres: #indiefolk

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Release date: April, 2023

Comment: 18 by Jonah Kagen is a heartfelt and emotional exploration of the ups and downs of young love. With his acoustic-driven sound and honest lyrics, Kagen captures the essence of falling in love as a kid and the rollercoaster of emotions that often come with it.

As a talented singer and songwriter, Kagen brings a level of depth and authenticity to his music that is truly captivating. His passion for the acoustic guitar and finger-style technique is evident in his music, and it’s clear that he is dedicated to creating something special for his listeners.

Following his debut EP, ‘georgia got colder,‘ Kagen has already made a name for himself in the music industry, with over 130+ million global streams, a US tour supporting Maisie Peters, and nearly 2 million Spotify monthly listeners. He was even included on Shazam‘s 2023 predictions list, cementing his status as an artist on the rise.

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