Frida Sundemo – Gazelles

Frida Sundemo - Gazelles

Last month, I had recommended a song from Lights & Motion‘s latest album called I See You. That song was a collaboration with Swedish singer (and actress) Frida Sundemo, who has an angelic and delicate voice. However, Frida’s individual work is equally deserving of attention. Since 2010, she has been releasing her own music, and in May, she unveiled her latest EP, Sounds In My Head, which includes the mesmerizing track “Gazelles.”

While “Gazelles” had already been released as a single last year, it remains a captivating ballad that truly showcases Frida’s remarkable vocal prowess. The accompanying video below is even more impressive, capturing Frida’s flawless live performance as she gracefully sings and plays the piano. It’s a truly unforgettable experience. Simply sit back and enjoy the magic!

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Lights & Motion – I See You

Lights & Motion - I See You

In yesterday’s entry, I mentioned why I liked cinematic (post-rock) music. Well, I probably have to thank Lights & Motion for that. Reanimation, the debut album of this Swedish one-man band, founded in 2012 by the talented Christoffer Franzén, hooked me in. The “band” is one of the main references in the genre and its songs have been featured in multiple tv commercials, tv shows and movies. Funnily enough, the song I’m recommending here today, from the Lights & Motion‘s latest album: The Great Wide Open, is perhaps the band’s less cinematic songs.

It’s not that I See You lacks Lights & Motion‘s trademark atmospheric vibes and amazing soundscapes –it doesn’t–, but I think it has more elements of indie rock, especially with the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Swedish singer Frida Sundemo. I particularly love the guitars that start playing at 1:42. All in all, it is a mesmerizing track that closes perfectly another great album by Lights & Motion and Deep Elm Records.

Isn’t I See You an instant musical crush?

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