MOONWOOD – Sydney Lights


Song: Sydney Lights

Genres: #indierock #alternativerock

Location: Sydney, Australia

Influences: U2, The 1975, Kings of Leon

Release date: November, 2021

CommentSydney Lights is a beautiful love song to MOONWOOD‘s hometown, as the lockdown made the band members, even those not originally from there, fall in love with Sydney all over again. The five-piece band started in 2016 and as you can notice here, they clearly know what they’re doing. Sydney Lights got a clean delivery with dreamy guitars that set the right vibe and great vocals from lead singer, Jake. If you are looking for quality alternative rock, you can stop looking right now. Their previous tracks are really outstanding as well.

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Broken Clouds – Eyes Shut

Artist: Broken Clouds

Song: Eyes Shut

Genres: #garagerock #alternativerock

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Release date: November, 2021

CommentEyes Shut is the debut single from Broken Clouds, the stage name of Scottish musician Gareth John Anderson, and if it is an indication of how good his other tracks are, we’re in for a treat. The guitar-driven track has a really infectious chorus and a sophisticated sound that still manages to evoke alternative rock from the eighties and nineties. Eyes Shut was produced by Rod Jones (Idlewild‘s guitarist/songwriter) at Edinburgh’s Post Electric Studio, and released on Edinburgh independent label Cosmic Peace Jazz.

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Dirt Royal – Lose Our Way

If you are looking for alternative rock music that can cheer you up, Dirt Royal is just the band for you. This three-piece band from Brighton, UK, merges garage rock and punk to produce energetic music that is catchy and fun, including satirical lyrics commenting on serious socio-political issues. After starting in 2013 and releasing a debut album in 2014, they worked on a number of singles and EPs over the years, but hadn’t released another full album until last month, when they dropped Great Expectations, an upbeat album that is on-brand with the band’s style of infectious melodies and chanty choruses, while discussing themes like unrealized potential and nostalgia.

Lose Our Way is the last song on the record and also its second single. It’s a perfect example of everything I said above. Check it out below and pay attention to Dirt Royal. They are here to stay.

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Tough On Fridays – Patches

Tough On Fridays is a three-piece rock band from Texas that started in 2017. It is female-fronted, which is always nice to have in rock music. Their sound reminds me of late 90s alternative rock, but, if you listen to their latest album, A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time, you will see that some of the tracks got elements of punk rock as well. If you want to read a fantastic review of that album, just head over to friend blog, Eclectic Music Lover, as Jeff wrote about it last month. It is spot on, as usual.

Instead, I will focus here on Patches, my favorite track on the record. I really like the mellow guitar that emphasizes the melancholic vocals. The lyrics, singing about an unrequited love, are honest and relatable. Who hasn’t been in that position at some point in time? In fact, I think authenticity could be Tough On Fridays‘ brand, as they are making the music they like with real lyrics about what they actually feel or think. In the age of the influencers and people pretending to be someone they’re not, it’s refreshing to hear a band who just wants to keep it real.

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