Some Changes

I started this blog during the early stages of the pandemic when I found myself with some extra time due to not having to spend time commuting, among other things. More than one year later, not only are things starting to go back to some resemblance of normality, but my personal circumstances have changed a little bit (for example, I started a new job this month) and will continue to change even further in the not so distant future, which means that I’m having less and less time to keep updating this website the way I’ve been doing it so far. I don’t want to stop or shut this site down (although it remains a possibility for next year), so what I have decided to do in order to save time is to change the format of the majority of new posts.

From now on, most posts will include only basic information about the song and the artist being featured, not a writeup with some context and my opinion of the track. I will still write that from time to time on select entries if I find myself with enough spare time, but it won’t be the norm. This does not apply to songs currently in my queue. Just those I add after today.

Thank you for understanding.

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  1. Adding to the comments I wrote on your Instagram page, you don’t have to apologize for anything. It’s your blog, and speaking as one of your most loyal followers, I’ll appreciate whatever and whenever you choose to write. I know full well how stressful blogging can be, which is crazy! It’s a hobby and should be a fun outlet, not a chore or burden.

  2. Thank you, my friend. Everything you said is absolutely true. Including the fact that you are one of my most loyal followers, if not the most. Thank you for everything!

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