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Jon Hopkins, Kelly Lee Owens, Sultan + Shepard & Jerro – To Feel Again / Trois

Artist: Jon Hopkins, Kelly Lee Owens, Sultan + Shepard & Jerro Song: To Feel Again / Trois Genres: #electronicmusic Location: Canada, United Kingdom & Belgium Release date: September, 2022. Comment: Out of all the entries in this website, the one with the highest number of Google Search hits is by far the entry for Sultan + Shepard’s flawless track: Assassin. I’m…

Gabriel Paris – I Cried

Artist: Gabriel Paris Song: I Cried Genres: #indie Location: Sydney, Australia Influences: Coldplay, Vance Joy Release date: October, 2022 Comment: Australia-based artist Gabriel Paris is no stranger to T.A.M., having been featured here in November 2020. This time, he’s back with a terrific song that is meant to feel “like a warm hug on a rainy day”. Gabriel won a…

Damian Boylan – Expansions

Artist: Damian Boylan Song: Expansions Genres: #chillout Location: London, United Kingdom Release date: September, 2022. Comment: With a Master’s degree (MEng) in Aerospace Engineering, most people wouldn’t think Damian Boylan could also have an artistic side, let alone one in which he seems to be good at everything: sculpting, painting, video, and, well, obviously, music. Expansions is one if…

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