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Better Than Ezra – Closer

Artist: Better Than Ezra Song: Closer Genres: #indierock #alternativerock Location: New Orleans, United States Release date: August, 2001 Comment: I think Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra is one of the best lyricists around. BTE are best known for their singles released during alternative rock’s heyday in the 1990s, but Closer was the album that introduced me to them. A …

Picture Us Tiny – Forever & Always

Artist: Picture Us Tiny Song: Forever & Always (Tiny’s Version) Genres:  #punkrock #poppunk Location: Syracuse, United States Release date: December, 2021. Comment: Picture Us Tiny is the moniker of Jackson Velli, who in April last year posted a short pop-punk cover of Forever & Always (originally from Taylor Swift) that became viral on Tiktok. That success led him to …

Sam Fender – Get You Down

Artist: Sam Fender Song: Get You Down Genres: #alternativerock Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom Release date: October, 2021 Comment: I’m probably late to Sam Fender’s bandwagon but I hadn’t really paid much attention to him until I heard this song in December and… well, now I’m hooked. I love the jangling guitars and the layered approach to introducing the different instruments …

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