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Rose-Erin Stokes – The Same Way

Artist: Rose-Erin Stokes Song: The Same Way Genres: #indiefolk #singersongwriter Location: Ontario, Canada Release date: April, 2022 Comment:  This sweet and gorgeous song goes hand in hand with its quirky music video, which is basically a short film directed by Andrew Sowka. The song, part of Rose-Erin’s upcoming LP, When The Sun Goes Away, is a guitar-based indie-folk tune …

Rosehip – Twilight

Artist: Rosehip Song: Twilight Genres: #chillout #lofi Location: London, United Kingdom Release date: February, 2022. Comment: Inspired by the eponymous 1850 poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (sampled at 1:16), Twilight is a relaxing and melancholic lo-fi single from London-based producer Rosehip. The poem describes the ocean though the eyes of a child who’s looking at it, in the middle …

Sigrid – It Gets Dark

Artist: Sigrid Song: It Gets Dark Genres: #indiepop #altpop Location: Norway Release date: March, 2022 Comment: Norwegian singer Sigrid got an international pop hit with Sucker Punch, from her eponymous debut album. That song was catchy and I did like it, but the young artist still managed to surprise me when I listened to It Gets Dark, a …

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