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Latest additions to the mixtapes

VHS Collection – Space Between Us

Artist: VHS Collection Song: Space Between Us Genres: #electropop #indiepop Location: New York City, United States Release date: November, 2021. Comment: NY act VHS Collection wrote Space Between Us several years ago but were unable to come up with a production that satisfied them. After plenty of experimentation, they finally got it right by “combining electronics and a pop-goes-new-wave groove …

Broken Clouds – Eyes Shut

Artist: Broken Clouds Song: Eyes Shut Genres: #garagerock #alternativerock Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom Release date: November, 2021 Comment: Eyes Shut is the debut single from Broken Clouds, the stage name of Scottish musician Gareth John Anderson, and if it is an indication of how good his other tracks are, we’re in for a treat. The guitar-driven track has a really …

almost sex – Part of You

Artist: almost sex Song: Part of You Genres: #indierock Location: Brooklyn, New York Release date: November, 2021 Comment: Alternative duo almost sex have done it again. Their latest single, Part of You, is every bit as fascinating as charmer and Blue Heaven. The track is pretty much an indie love song with a rawness that gives it authenticity while having …

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