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Latest additions to the mixtapes

American Hi-Fi – Another Perfect Day

Artist: American Hi-Fi Song: Another Perfect Day Genres: #alternativerock #indierock #2000srock Location: Boston, Massachusetts Release date: February, 2001. Comment: I didn’t mention it on that entry, but The New Twenty’s I Can’t Afford Her reminded me a bit of the style of American Hi-Fi, at least that of their self-titled debut album from 2001. Now, if you only know …

Camie – Claudia

Artist: Camie Song: Claudia Genres: #indie #acoustic Location: Toronto, Canada Release date: July, 2021. Comment: Toronto-based Camille Intson, aka Camie, travelled alone across Europe in 2019 and ended up spending Christmas Eve in a folk pub just outside of Prague. There, she met a beautiful woman named Claudia who was asked to dance by a handsome man while Camie watched …

The New Twentys – I Can’t Afford Her

Artist: The New Twentys Song: I Can’t Afford Her Genres: #indierock #alternativerock #poppunk Location: London, UK Release date: April, 2021. Influences: The Cure, Talking Heads, The Strokes. Comment: I could mention here words like “magnetic” and “catchy”, but the bottom line is that I Can’t Afford Her is a really fun track. When you hear the backstory of this tune …

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