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Simon Mós – Progression

Artist: Simon Mós Song: Progression Genres: #chillout Location: London, United Kingdom Release date: July, 2022. Comment: I’m sorry I didn’t feature this great tune, Progression, in time for the summer, but I guess it’s better late than never. The artist behind the track, South London’s Simon Mós, wanted to evoke feelings of nostalgia and melancholy by using experimental guitar …

Northwest Stories – That Isn’t Me

Artist: Northwest Stories Song: That Isn’t Me Genres: #indiefolk Location: Idaho, United States Influences: Ben Rector, Novo Amor, Bon Iver Release date: June, 2022 Comment: That Isn’t Me is a gorgeous folk song about focusing on what’s good in life instead of feeling stuck. Northwest Stories‘ lead vocalist, Adam Fink, got a calming voice you won’t want to stop listening …

Blue Cove – Thrive

Artist: Blue Cove Song: Thrive Genres: #shoegazepop #90srock Influences: Slowdive, Alex G. Location:  Chicago, United States Release date: June, 2022 Comment: Life is funny. Stephanie Nikolas and Eric Breden were high school friends and neighbors, but it wasn’t until they were in their 20s that they started to see each other as partners, both musically and romantically. This sparked …

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