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Frankie Bird – Campfire

Artist: Frankie Bird Song: Campfire Genres: #altrock #singersongwriter Location: London, United Kingdom Influences: Oasis, The Beatles Release date: August, 2022 Comment: “Campfire” sounds like a hit song Alanis or Hole could have released in the 90s, but it was actually written by a talented 22-year-old indie/pop artist from Reading, UK. Not only that, it is just the second single …

Augustana – Boston

Artist: Augustana Song: Boston Genres: #alternativerock #americana Location: California, United States Release date: September, 2005 Comment: I haven’t done a #throwbackthursday post in a while, but after discovering recently that Augustana was not as well-known as I thought, I decided to feature that musical project today. My intention was to use my favorite Augustana song: “On The Other Side”, from …

Roseburg – Alice

Artist: Roseburg Song: Alice Genres: #indierock #altrock Location: Utah, United States Release date: October, 2022 Comment: Roseburg is an alt-rock quartet named after the city where this musical project started: Roseburg, Oregon. Today, they’re based out of Utah and after two and a half years of silence, they came back last month with a new single, Alice, that was …

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