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Latest additions to the mixtapes

Kanadia – Big Nothing

Artist: Kanadia Song: Big Nothing Genres: #indierock #alternativerock Location: Oxford, United Kingdom Release date: August, 2021 Influences: Radiohead, Muse, KingsOfLeon Comment: Big Nothing is quite something. If you like any of the bands mentioned above, stop what you’re doing and listen to this track right now. It is part of an eponymous EP 4-piece alternative rock band Kanadia released in …

Gents on Loan – From the Start

Artist: Gents on Loan Song: From the Start Genres:  #poppunk #punkrock Location: Ottawa, Canada Release date: July, 2021. Comment: During the pandemic, many of us found ourselves with some extra downtime and that was the case for six musicians from various local bands in Ottawa, who decided to collaborate remotely and have some fun, hence the name Gents on …

for KING & COUNTRY – Relate

Artist: for KING & COUNTRY Song: Relate Genres: #altpop #indiepop Location: Nashville, United States Release date: August, 2021. Comment: Nashville-based duo for KING & COUNTRY is formed by Australian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone. I wasn’t aware of them even though they have won 4 Grammy awards for contemporary Christian music, but I listened to their latest single, Relate, and …

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