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Latest additions to the mixtapes

Imagine Dragons – My Life

Artist: Imagine Dragons Song: My Life Genres: #alternativerock Location: Las Vegas, United States Release date: September, 2021. Comment: I remember when Imagine Dragons used to be this alternative band few people knew about. It wasn’t that long ago. Then they hit it off at some point and became so successful that nowadays some people dismiss them for being too mainstream. …

Still Charles – Wembley

Artist: Still Charles Song: Wembley Genres: #indiepop #indierock Location: Milano, Italy Release date: May, 2021. Comment: Wembley is a stunning single by Italian artist Carlo Aprea, aka Still Charles. The song is sang in Italian but it’s so good that you will enjoy it even if you couldn’t understand a single word (for the record, you should be able …

Funeral Lakes – Solstice

Artist: Funeral Lakes Song: Solstice Genres: #indierock Location: Ontario, Canada Release date: August, 2021 Comment: I featured Funeral Lakes here exactly one year ago and now the duo is back with a brand new EP: Redeemer. As is usually the case with  this act, the songs in the new EP are all filled with social content. It explores themes such …

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