The Mynabirds – Shake Your Head Yes

I’m almost cheating with this week’s Throwback Thursday. Yes, this song is certainly not new (2015), but I just discovered it (well, my lovely wife did) this year. What matters, anyway, is that it is a really good song and deserves to be on the mixtapes.

The Mynabirds, is the moniker under which American singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn has been working since 2010, who had also been part of different indie bands in the past. Her music as The Mynabirds can be catalogued as indie pop or altpop and Shake Your Head Yes is no exception to that. This earworm is a simple song consisting basically of a drums machine, a synth and Laura’s hypnotic vocals, but that’s enough to make you listen it on repeat for a good while, as the musical crush this tune is. You can find it in the Pop Mixtape below.

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Picture This – Unconditional

Picture This - Unconditional

I discovered Picture This over a year ago on Youtube, where their video for the highly recommended track, “Modern Love” appeared in my feed. Since then, I have closely followed this Irish band known for their catchy alternative pop-rock songs. They have been incredibly prolific, releasing 1 EP, 2 studio albums, and over 20 singles since their debut in 2015. Recently, Picture This unveiled their latest single, “Unconditional,” a romantic altpop song filled with infectious hooks and heartfelt lyrics that strike the perfect balance.

If you like radio-friendly songs, then you will surely enjoy this potential hit from Picture This.

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Neon Trees – Used To Like

Neon Trees

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to write anything today, so this entry will be an easy and short one. Neon Trees released a new album last week, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, and even though its lead single debuted much earlier this year, I still think it’s the best track in the album. The band had a few hits in the early 2010s, like Animal, but hadn’t released any new material in 5 years. They came back with their trademark alt-pop sound but with a bigger 80s influence. Used to Like is a perfect example of that. Enjoy!

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KidEyes – Ready To Go


I can’t recall how I discovered KidEyes, an indie/altpop duo based out of Los Angeles. It was about a month ago, possibly through Instagram, but the specifics elude me. Regardless, I’m grateful for finding them because their music is incredibly enjoyable, and today’s featured song is a perfect example.

“Ready To Go” is the band’s latest single, released in June following their self-titled debut EP from 2019. Despite addressing feelings of being lost and disoriented, it’s a captivating indie pop track that could serve as the soundtrack to our peculiar year. Give it a listen here:

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Dysplay – Too Cool

Dysplay - Too Cool

“Too Cool” is a delightful song that got to me thanks to this music blog (I love it!). Dysplay, a band from the US active since 2017, effortlessly combines 80s pop influences with a modern sound. This track is no exception, instantly capturing my attention with its captivating guitar. The accompanying music video, available below, is impressive, showcasing that creativity can still generate great content despite current limitations and budget constraints.

Take a listen to this radio-friendly tune below and be sure to keep Dysplay on your radar. If they continue to produce songs like “Too Cool” in the future, they will undoubtedly become a staple on The Alternative Mixtapes.

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Frida Sundemo – Gazelles

Frida Sundemo - Gazelles

Last month, I had recommended a song from Lights & Motion‘s latest album called I See You. That song was a collaboration with Swedish singer (and actress) Frida Sundemo, who has an angelic and delicate voice. However, Frida’s individual work is equally deserving of attention. Since 2010, she has been releasing her own music, and in May, she unveiled her latest EP, Sounds In My Head, which includes the mesmerizing track “Gazelles.”

While “Gazelles” had already been released as a single last year, it remains a captivating ballad that truly showcases Frida’s remarkable vocal prowess. The accompanying video below is even more impressive, capturing Frida’s flawless live performance as she gracefully sings and plays the piano. It’s a truly unforgettable experience. Simply sit back and enjoy the magic!

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“Carhartts & Converse” by Super Whatevr

"Carhartts & Converse" by Super Whatevr

I must admit, the Californian “emo-punk” band Super Whatevr hadn’t even registered on my radar until they unleashed their latest track, “Carhartts & Converse,” featuring the iconic pop-punk figure Mark Hoppus. Surprisingly, the band has been around since 2016 and dropped their second full-length album in February. However, this particular song is a fresh addition that didn’t appear on the album.

“Carhartts & Converse” blends elements of indie pop and punk-rock, creating a captivating hybrid. The song’s optimistic lyrics, centered around self-worth and resilience against others’ negativity, harmonize perfectly with its cheerful rhythm. In these suffocating times, it serves as a refreshing breath of air. Give it a listen below and let it brighten up your weekend.

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Linney – Cool

Linney - Cool

Caitlin Linney is an American singer and songwriter who is known simply as Linney. After starting her career in 2011 on Kickstarter, she has consistently written and released multiple songs, collaborated artist such as Gareth Emery, and even won some songwriting awards. Her style revolves mostly around electronic music, but it could go from indie pop all the way to trance music. While I don’t think she has had her big break yet, she’s certainly on the brink of it. She got more than 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Cool is basically an earworm she released earlier this year that I simply haven’t been able to get out of my mind since I heard it for the first time a few days ago. There is something between the soft electronic background and the ethereal way in which Linney sings this song that keeps me coming back for more. Listen to this magnetic song below at your own risk.

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Lizzy & the Fanatics – Les fleurs mortes

Lizzy & the Fanatics

Lizzy & the Fanatics is a dream pop band from Montreal, Canada, that after playing shows around the region for three years, released last month a bilingual EP with 6 indie pop tracks that taste like candy from your childhood. You can sense some 80s and 90s vibe on the record as well with its nostalgic synths and pastel color melodies.

Even though I don’t speak French (I know barely enough to understand that the name of the song featured here means “dead flowers”), I didn’t have to in order to connect with the song being highlighted here: Les fleur mortes. Music is universal, after all. However, rest assured, the EP has also 4 tracks in English that are just as good. Obviously, it is a matter of personal taste, but if you like dreamy 80s flavored indie pop, Lizzy & the Fanatics will be right up your alley.

‘‘I wrote Les fleurs mortes while riding my bike in

the dead of November last year, while missing the

summer. The song is about nostalgia; how it can

simultaneously make you feel the sad feelings of

losing something from the past, at the same time

as feeling content of remembering something

that was good. I find that this ambivalence of

feeling is a bit like drying dead flowers, preserving

the memory of something nice.’’

Lysanne Picard (Lizzy)

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strawbey – play pretend


I had the pleasure of listening to the debut single of strawbey last week and was looking forward to its official release today so that I could share it with you here. Play pretend is the kind of indie/dream pop that hypnotizes you and leaves you wanting more. Amazingly, the song was written, produced, recorded and released entirely in lockdown; which you wouldn’t know because it sounds as if it had been recorded in a studio by a top-notch producer.

strawbey is the stage name of 19-year-old Norwich singer (and friend of The Alternative Mixtapes), Ruben Pope, who won first place in 2019’s Young Norfolk Writing Competition and has received the support of the likes of the BBC, who featured play pretend in their LGBTQ+ Records of the Year Pride Playlist 2020 for the Norfolk region. Ruben’s debut EP will be released in August but, in the meantime, we can enjoy this honest and raw song about the struggles of playing pretend just to fit in. There is no video yet but you can listen to play pretend in the mixtapes below.

Without a doubt, strawbey is the kind of talent we should all support.

“There are times where we all knowingly ‘play pretend’ and although we often fail to acknowledge this, we’d all rather ‘fake it ‘til we make it’.”


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