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Jack Antonoff is behind a huge number of hit songs today but casual listeners might not recognize him by name. He is a guitarist and drummer on the band Fun., which went on a hiatus in 2014 so that its members could focus on other projects for a while. Jack went on and created Bleachers, an indie pop band that hit it big with its debut album Strange Desire (2015), to the point that it made Jack one of the most sough-after songwriters and record producers in business today. He has written/produced songs for the likes of Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey, just to name a few.

When I saw that Bleachers had a new song featuring fellow New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen, let’s just say that it really caught my attention. I’m happy to report that the track is as good as expected. It really sounds as if Bruce were singing a Bleachers song or vice versa. It sounds classic and modern at the same time and from the moment I listened to this gem for the first time, I knew I had to feature it here. Enjoy this instant classic below and good luck getting that chorus out of your head!

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Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia

Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia

I think the universe wants me to write about Bruce Springsteen. Not only was he mentioned in a recent entry, but I also watched a decent movie last week called Blinded By The Light that is basically a homage to The Boss. To top it all, he just released a brand new album accompanied by a documentary on Apple TV+: Letters To You. I don’t think there is much I can say about this legendary artist from New Jersey that is not widely known by now, so I’ll just go straight to the point here. Springsteen got many great songs and the film I mentioned made me appreciate the lyrics from Dancing In The Dark even more (seriously, amazing lyrics), yet my favorite song from The Boss remains Streets Of Philadelphia.

This Oscar winning gem was written and performed for the film Philadelphia (great film, by the way) in 1993. Some people consider it the best movie song of all time. It’s certainly in the running. It got one of the greatest intros as well. Who can forget that drum beat? Enjoy this great tune as this week’s #ThrowbackThursday entry.

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Hunter & The Bear – Won’t You Ever Come Home

Hunter & The Bear

These British rockers deserve worldwide recognition. Started by Will Irvine (the Bear) and Jimmy Hunter, Hunter & The Bear is now a four-piece rock band that have supported artists like Eric Clapton and played in multiple festivals, but I don’t think the casual listener knows who they are. That needs to change soon.

Hunter & The Bear released a new single in March this year. It is very good and I will probably feature it here in the near future. However, the song I’d like to highlight here today is this gem from their debut album from 2017: Won’t you Ever Come Home. This beautiful song blends the best of Bruce Springsteen with Irvine’s stunning vocals to make it a memorable track that deserves to be played on repeat ad infinitum. It became my musical crush for a while. If you like good rock music, chances are high it was or will become yours too.

*Update: The band has been renamed Daytime TV after guitarist and co-founder Jamie Hunter left the band in 2021.

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