teepee – closer

Every year, tens of artists from over 15 countries from  the Central and Eastern European region travel to Hungary for the Budapest Showcase Hub, aka BUSH Festival. Usually, the bands play live shows across multiple venues and prizes are awarded to some of them. In 2020, however, for obvious reasons, the festival had to be changed at the last minute to a virtual edition through a video extravaganza series in which some light is shed about each band, including fun facts and what make them unique. The musical genres covered on this festival are broad and you are sure to find bands that will catch your attention, whatever kind of alternative music you’re into. You can watch the whole series on the festival’s Youtube channel here.

Out of the 31 artists who participated in last year’s edition of the BUSH Festival, the one that really caught my attention was teepee, a Czech dream-pop duo consisting of Miroslav Patočka and singer-electric guitarist ​Tereza Lavičková. They got two studio albums already, with the most recent one released in 2020, Where The Ocean Breaks, which includes the song being featured here today. Closer is a stunning song that blends indie folk and dream pop. Its soulful vocals elevate it to the next level. If that wasn’t enough, they made a really nice music video as well.

I probably wouldn’t have discovered this talented band if the BUSH Festival organizers hadn’t reached out to me. For that, they got my gratitude.

Featured on the following mixtapes: