Everything In Waves – Colors Return

New York-based Everything In Waves is a band with indie, emo, folk, and electronic influences. In fact, they have come up with their own genre, ‘emotronic‘, which is a mix of all those influences. The band, which is signed to Deep Elm Records (just as Lights & Motion and U137, among others), recently released a new single, Colours Return, which aims to provide some comfort to those deeply affected by the pandemic.

It is a nice and soothing track with different layers that add depth to it. Unfortunately, it is not available on Youtube yet, so you will have to visit one of the mixtapes below to hear this message of hope. I don’t have an emotronic mixtape but I think Colors Return will fit in nicely with the other songs in the Indie Mixtape. Hope you like it!

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Darkfield – A New Beginning


I’m always amazed by the number of talented musicians out there waiting for an opportunity to be heard. Joey Westerlund, a multi-instrumentalist from Portland, Oregon, is the creative force behind Darkfield. The music he creates as Darkfield ranges from heavy to mellow post-rock, with A New Beginning from their second EP, Carry Us Away, falling on the latter side. All of Joey’s tracks, however, can definitely be considered cinematic.

In fact, this beautiful track feels like the score to an epic space travel movie, making it a perfect companion for a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy it here!

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Floating In Space – Eclipse

Floating In Space - Eclipse

From Spain to the world, Floating In Space is yet another great cinematic rock band in Deep Elm Records‘ lineup, which includes Lights & Motion and U137. And just as those bands, Floating In Space is really the one-man show of multi-instrumentalist Ruben Caballero, which is frankly incredible. Earlier this year, the “band” released its third full-length album: A New Dawn, which is a great collection of emotional soundscapes, such as Eclipse, the epilogue of the record.

Eclipse is a beautiful song that evokes new beginnings, featuring a magical clarinet that sets it apart from other cinematic songs. It is really a beautiful track and album. Enjoy!

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