“Anhaga” by Mookee (Rushkeys Remix)

"Anhaga" by Mookee (Rushkeys Remix)
"Anhaga" by Mookee (Rushkeys Remix)

Artist: Rushkeys

Song: Anhaga

Genres: #chillout #downtempo

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Release date: December, 2023.

Comment: Germany-based artist Mookee released an album titled Alinea earlier this year, featuring a gorgeous downtempo track called “Anhaga.” The title, referencing the Old English meaning of “solitary one”, adds a layer of evocative depth to the music. Mookee then invited several electronic artists to remix tracks from “Alinea” for an upcoming record. Among them was the talented Lithuanian musician Domas Ruškys, better known as Rushkeys, who delivered a stunning reinterpretation of “Anhaga.”

The remix takes the original track’s melancholic beauty and infuses it with Rushkeys‘ essence. This is best explained by the artist himself: “I tried to interpret the tune through my creative voice by taking it somewhere slightly new. I did it by giving more tense electronics, faster tempo and floaty vibe while capturing its original spirit. In
the background of the track I used a recording of me walking through the
snow in the middle of nowhere from my trip in Iceland.”

The result is a track that deserves to be savoured, headphones on, eyes closed, letting the sounds wash over you and transport you to another world. If this doesn’t send you diving into both Rushkeys and Mookee‘s back catalogs, I don’t know what will. They’re undoubtedly artists to watch, each crafting sonic experiences that deserve your full attention.

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Kafka Kaya – Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison is a transliteration of Ancient Greek meaning “Lord, Have Mercy”, which is an important prayer of Christian liturgy (thank you, Wikipedia). This is as far as I can tell you about the meaning of this song without guessing (I think it is about someone who is down on his luck), but the good news is that we don’t need to know more in order to enjoy it. The low-key vocals, electronic soundscape and synths give the tune a soothing effect that I find very appealing. There is comfort in sound and Kyrie Eleison is proof of it.

Julien Zeno Bitter is the man behind Kafka Kaya, a solo act that he started in 2015 after his previous band split up. With origins in the quiet but beautiful countryside of Switzerland but based now in Berlin, Kafka Kaya has a background in electronic music with a predilection for authentic acoustic sounds. As many other independent artist, Julien produces his music himself and is getting ready to release a new EP in April, which will include Kyrie Eleison too. Check him out below.

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BILYK & Endless Melancholy – Far Away

BILYK & Endless Melancholy - Far Away

Far Away is a really captivating track. Musically, it is reminiscing of the works of acts like Morcheeba, Massive Attack, and even Mazzy Star; which makes sense because Canada-based singer/songwriter BILYK grew up listening to all of them in Western Ukraine. She has been collaborating with Ukrainian ambient/downtempo project Endless Melancholy, resulting in several stunning songs. One Day You Will Be Free, one of their previous collaborations, got featured in one of the renowned Buddha Bar compilation albums. I honestly think that Far Away is even better.

The combination of Endless Melancholy‘s chill ambient electronic background and BILYK‘s gorgeous and soothing vocals result in a truly spellbinding tune. I should also mention the equally outstanding music video, filmed on the shore of the Baltic Sea on Rugen Island by Roman Hense, which you can find below. Watching the beautiful cinematography with Far Away playing in the background is indeed a fascinating experience.

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