Gallipoli – Blurry Mess

Artist: Gallipoli

Song: Blurry Mess

Genres: #indiefolk

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Release date: April, 2022

Comment: Gallipoli means “beautiful city” in Greek. It is also the name of a region in Turkey as well as a military campaign during World War I. In fact, it was the ‘Battle of Gallipoli’ which inspired Aman Sheriff and Lucas McCone to name their LA-based indie folk act: Gallipoli, as a homage to their family history. Both musicians got several years of experience as music producers and film composers, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they decided to make music together.

Back in April, they released On Vondo, their debut EP, which consists of four beautiful tracks and was written during the 2020 lockdown when the pair lived in North Macedonia for six months. All four tracks are really nice but my favourite, Blurry Mess, is simply special. I just love the switch in gears around the 2:30 mark. The song, which talks about an out of sync couple full of doubts, will remind you of artists such as Bon Iver and Lord Huron.

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Oh Wonder – Don’t You Worry

Don't You Worry by Oh Wonder

I enjoy writing about new, up-and-coming, and unsigned artists because they often need the support the most. It’s rewarding to help them from this humble platform. At the same time, I like to mix in new music from more well-known artists. Firstly, not everyone may be aware of them; secondly, you might not know they have new music out; and lastly, to avoid predictability. After featuring lesser-known acts for several days, it’s time to talk about Oh Wonder‘s beautiful new song: “Don’t You Worry”..

The British duo, who are also a couple, may not be household names yet, but with over 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, chances are you already know them. In case you don’t, this alt-pop act started in 2014, recording and releasing one song a month for a year, which later became their self-titled debut album. Six years later, Oh Wonder has sold out gigs in cities like London, New York, and L.A., released three full-length albums and several EPs. Their latest EP, “Home Tapes,” was recorded and released from their London home during the lockdown.

“Don’t You Worry,” part of “Home Tapes,” is a lovely indie love song about facing difficult times with your loved ones. It perfectly showcases Josephine Vander Gucht’s delicate yet beautiful voice. Give it a listen below.

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