“Strange Adrenaline” by Nat Vazer

"Strange Adrenaline" by Nat Vazer

Artist: Nat Vazer

Song: Strange Adrenaline

Genres: #indiepop #altpop

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Release date: May, 2023

Comment: Nat Vazer is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter who has been making waves with her confessional indie-rock and dream-pop songs. After a successful US tour and SXSW appearance, she is back with a new single, “Strange Adrenaline”, which also serves as the title track of her upcoming album.

“Strange Adrenaline” is a song that captures the feeling of chasing a vision and having the courage to pursue the unknown. Inspired by a Patti Smith novel, the song combines powerful guitar riffs, drum machines, and Vazer’s striking vocals to create an engaging sound. The chorus is catchy and anthemic, while the verses are introspective and poetic.

The song showcases Vazer’s talent as a storyteller and a musician, as well as her ability to blend different genres and influences. It will appeal to fans of boygenius and/or any of its talented members (Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus), and other young gifted singer-songwriters who are shaping the new generation of indie-rock.

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