“We Can Be Anything” By Baby Queen

"We Can Be Anything" By Baby Queen

Artist: Baby Queen

Song: We Can Be Anything

Genres: #indiepop

Location: London, United Kingdom

Release date: July, 2023

Comment: I had been checking the Youtube app on my smart TV, when I stumbled upon the music video below, which the algorithm was recommending. Baby Queen, a pop sensation hailing from South Africa, now based in London, had somehow eluded my radar until then. The catchy song and video got me hooked from the start, and the funny but relatable lyrics made sure I paid attention until the end. Sometimes, technology truly does deliver.

The relatable lyrics, poignant and unfiltered, delve into the existential turmoil that has been Baby Queen‘s companion for the past five years. However, the chorus, “Open up your mind/Maybe in this life/We can be anything,” delivers a resonant message of liberty and individuality. Musically, it occasionally reminded me of some 90s tracks, such as Republica‘s “Ready To Go,” though not entirely. It’s an alternative pop song that incorporates a bit of everything.

So, in summary, if you’re in the mood for thought-provoking pop tunes, “We Can Be Anything” is the perfect track for you today.

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