“Worse Than This” by Me Nd Adam

"Worse Than This" by Me Nd Adam

Artist: Me Nd Adam

Song: Worse Than This

Genres: #indierock #altrock

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Release date: July, 2023

Comment: Me Nd Adam, the dynamic duo hailing from Austin, Texas, has carved an impressive path through the music industry, captivating audiences with their heartfelt anthems, engaging accessibility, generous merch giveaways, and their spirited, unapologetic demeanor. They’ve earned the moniker of pioneering trailblazers in the genre they call trash-wave.

Their latest offering, “Worse Than This,” is a standout track from their album “American Drip Part II (ADP2).” This sophomore release marks a significant evolution in their musical journey, weaving a tapestry of influences into a sound that’s unmistakably their own. The duo deliberately shifted towards a more organic instrumental approach, toning down the electro-pop elements that adorned their debut album, obviously: “American Drip Pt. I (ADP1).”

Back in November 2020, Me Nd Adam caught our attention with the release of “The More I Grow Up,” a single that swiftly amassed over two million streams. It also piqued the interest of the underdog indie label, Handwritten Records, based in Las Vegas. Since then, they’ve continued to garner acclaim and support from devoted fans and even rock icons like The Killers.

I highly recommend giving “Worse Than This” a listen. If you want to check out their new album afterwards, you can find it here.

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Me Nd Adam – The More I Grow Up

Me Nd Adam - The More I Grow Up

They say that the best partnerships in history are those involving people with different personalities or point of views because they challenge each other to create something better. You need people who disagree with you and can tell you right away when that amazing idea you got is not as great as you think it is. That is something that Me Nd Adam, a duo based out of Austin, Texas, have in their favor, because when Adam Walker and Vince Winik first met, they didn’t get along at all. Eventually, they learned to embrace their differences and embarked on this alternative music act with influences as diverse as Willie Nelson and Blink-182.

Me Nd Adam has released a bunch of singles already, ahead of the debut album, American Drip Part I, slated for later this year. The latest one is ‘The More I Grow Up‘, which is also my favourite so far. It has everything you might want in a great song: a catchy melody, good lyrics, really nice vocals, and a great mix of an acoustic guitar with synth lines. This was the song I was planning to recommend on Friday, but due to last minute issues at work, I was unable to do so then. Fortunately, it is a great song to listen to any day of the week.

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