“One More Time” by blink-182

"One More Time" by blink-182

Artist: blink-182

Song: One More Time

Genres: #alternativerock #punkrock

Location: California, United States

Release date: September, 2023

Comment: I’ve managed to secure tickets to see blink-182 live in London next week, and needless to say, my excitement is off the charts. It’s this exhilaration that led me to feature their latest track, “One More Time,” today. It’s safe to say that I haven’t been this thrilled about a new blink-182 song since the release of “I Miss You.” This new track, in my opinion, stands shoulder to shoulder with the classics, especially when you consider the nostalgic elements present in the music video, the lyrics, and the reunion of Tom DeLonge with the band (also, Travis vocals!). I want to acknowledge that Matt Skiba did a commendable job as a replacement, but what truly made blink-182 special was the dynamic trio of Tom, Mark, and Travis.

By the way, they released another new track last night called “Dance With Me,” and it sounds fantastic. I can’t wait for the new album to be released.

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“Carhartts & Converse” by Super Whatevr

"Carhartts & Converse" by Super Whatevr

I must admit, the Californian “emo-punk” band Super Whatevr hadn’t even registered on my radar until they unleashed their latest track, “Carhartts & Converse,” featuring the iconic pop-punk figure Mark Hoppus. Surprisingly, the band has been around since 2016 and dropped their second full-length album in February. However, this particular song is a fresh addition that didn’t appear on the album.

“Carhartts & Converse” blends elements of indie pop and punk-rock, creating a captivating hybrid. The song’s optimistic lyrics, centered around self-worth and resilience against others’ negativity, harmonize perfectly with its cheerful rhythm. In these suffocating times, it serves as a refreshing breath of air. Give it a listen below and let it brighten up your weekend.

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