“Carhartts & Converse” by Super Whatevr

"Carhartts & Converse" by Super Whatevr

I must admit, the Californian “emo-punk” band Super Whatevr hadn’t even registered on my radar until they unleashed their latest track, “Carhartts & Converse,” featuring the iconic pop-punk figure Mark Hoppus. Surprisingly, the band has been around since 2016 and dropped their second full-length album in February. However, this particular song is a fresh addition that didn’t appear on the album.

“Carhartts & Converse” blends elements of indie pop and punk-rock, creating a captivating hybrid. The song’s optimistic lyrics, centered around self-worth and resilience against others’ negativity, harmonize perfectly with its cheerful rhythm. In these suffocating times, it serves as a refreshing breath of air. Give it a listen below and let it brighten up your weekend.

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