Smallpools – A Real Hero

Smallpools - A Real Hero

Last month, I featured A Real Hero by College feat. Electric Youth for #ThrowbackThursday and promised to showcase one of its covers. Smallpools‘2015 rendition stands out with a fresh take while preserving the essence. The atmospheric vibe, mesmerizing guitar chords, and the track’s gradual build-up make it a must-listen. Enhance your experience by using high-quality headphones or speakers.

Smallpools, a synth-happy 3-piece indie pop band from L.A. formed in 2013, gained exposure with their debut single “Dreaming” featured in FIFA 14. Another single, Over & Over, was used in a promotional video for Snapchat. Despite subsequent singles not matching the same success, their indie pop style remains consistent. However, their rendition of “A Real Hero” showcases a unique departure. While their music is generally good, creating more gorgeous tracks like this cover could truly set them apart.

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