Favourite Daughter – Long Distance

I don’t know how many alternative/indie rock artists there are out there who started their careers as opera singers but I bet the list is not long. Julia Kennific, who is a soprano from Montreal, certainly qualifies now that she has released her debut alternative rock single as Favourite Daughter. The Canadian artist wrote Long Distance on an unplugged, rented electric guitar after a discouraging call with her girlfriend at the time. Julia had been away in Halifax for an opera gig and they had not seen each other for four months when that call happened. Frustrated and foreseeing the end of that relationship, Julie felt the need to express her feelings on this relatable song.

However, don’t think Long Distance is a sad song to listen to while watching the rain fall on a window. It is a guitar-driven tune with a catchy beat prone to foot-tapping. As Julia puts it, it is a song “to blast on repeat in your headphones while on a long, angry run post-breakup, to sing along to with your best friend on an aimless night drive, or belt loudly and off-key while taking a shower“. Enjoy!

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    1. You’re right and I totally forgot. Sorry! She acknowledged my post on Instagram and she replied to an email once (before this entry). Maybe your email got flagged as spam? She seems to be down to earth enough to reply to emails

        1. Ah that’s a shame. It happens to me as well, so far less than half but still, I don’t get it. If you aren’t an established and super famous artist, you should try to get as much as help as possible to reach a wider audience. By not spending a couple of minutes to say thank you to those spending their spare time to do so (especially when they requested it), what they are achieving is that you won’t want to help them the next time they put new music out. I mean, I think it is simple human decency to say thank you when somebody does something for you (always but even more so when it is for free) but even if you ignore that, do it because it will benefit you in the future too. I really don’t get it.

          1. Many do thank me, but only half take the time to share my reviews on their own social media. I don’t get why they asked me to review their music, then not share the review, especially when they’re always positive.

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