M.A.G.S. – Wait

Artist: M.A.G.S.

Song: Wait

Genres: #indierock #alternativerock

Location: Los Angeles, California

Release date: August, 2021

Comment: Buffalo-bred and L.A.-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Elliott Douglas, aka M.A.G.S., has just released his debut LP: Say Things That Matter, which consists of fourteen tracks with different shades of alternative rock. Wait is one of its lead singles and it is an upbeat track full of energy and rhythm. It comes accompanied by a cool video that you can watch below. Despite being a song about connecting with each other through our flaws, Wait does not have any.

Featured on the following mixtapes:

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    1. Glad you liked it. I hadn’t made the connection with Walk The Moon but you’re absolutely right. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll never take it for granted =)

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