Artist: Måneskin


Genres: #alternativerock

Location: Rome, Italy

Release date: October, 2022

Comment: If you are a fan of classic rock ballads from the 80s and have been missing that sound in today’s music scene, you should definitely check out “THE LONELIEST” by Italian band Måneskin. As someone who was not particularly interested in the band before and did not enjoy their Eurovision-winning song (Zitti E Buoni), I must admit that this track caught my attention from the moment I first heard it on Eclectic Music Lover‘s weekly top 30 post, and has since become one of my favorites.

“The LONELIEST” is a poignant mix of a love letter and a will, written during a difficult time when the songwriter was away from home and loved ones. It is a testament to Måneskin‘s versatility and musical talent, as it showcases a different side of the band that people may not have seen before. Trust me, this song is definitely worth a listen.

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