My Chemical Romance – Disenchanted

My Chemical Romance - Disenchanted

After breaking up in 2013, last year My Chemical Romance offered a concert on December 20 and announced an international tour in 2020. Obviously, due to covid-19, that has been postponed but the fact remains that the band is back together; with rumours of a new album seeing the light next year. In addition to that, Gerard Way has been busy not only releasing his own songs but also writing comic books, with one of them being so successful that Netflix adapted it into a TV series: The Umbrella Academy, which Gerard produces as well. With the second season of this show dropping this month and the return of MCR, I thought now would be as good a time as ever to feature one of my favorite songs from the band as this week’s throwback Thursday.

Disenchanted was included on the band’s third album: 2006’s very successful The Black Parade, and since it wasn’t released as a single on a record that contained several megahits, the song got overlooked. It is a great track, though. I love its acoustic intro that quickly evolves into a full-blown tune, accompanied by some great and deep lyrics from Way. All in all, as with all outstanding songs, Disenchanted should not be forgotten. Listen to it here:

Well I was there on the day

They sold the cause for the queen

And when the lights all went out

We watched our lives on the screen

I hate the ending myself

But it started with an alright scene

My Chemical Romance, Disenchanted

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