Jimkata – Bonfires

I didn’t know this but there is a martial arts film from 1985 called Gymkata that became one of those movies that is so bad that becomes good, or -at the very least–, a cult film. The band Jimkata, a three-piece act from California and Ithaca, was named after such a great example of the seventh art and that should give you a hint of the fact that they just want to have fun. Self-described as an anthemic, synth-washed, electro-rock band; Jimkata‘s songs are hook-ridden and colorful.

Bonfires, which was released recently but will be part of Jimkata‘s anticipated new album of the same name, set for release early next year, is just exhibit A of what I said above. A song about feeling vulnerable in uncertain times, this tune will manage to make you

feel comfortable anyway. It’s the musical equivalent of a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly night. Simply enjoy it!

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