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To me, there are two sides to Sum 41: a lighter, punk-rock embracing one and a darker, guitar-heavy, metal-flirting side. They used to oscillate from one side to another with each album but after switching to the darker side on the album that followed 2009’s excellent Underclass Hero, they seem to have decided to stay there. This coincides with the return of lead guitarist and founding member Dave Baksh to the band in 2013, after a 9-year break. They have released a handful of songs that I like during this time, but the above mentioned Underclass Hero was their last album I truly loved. What can I say? I don’t enjoy metal that much.

That record includes several standout tracks but I’ve decided to feature today one that I didn’t love right away. I don’t know why though, because With Me is truly a great song. As with a few other tracks from Underclass Hero, it’s likely based on frontman’s Deryck Whibley failing relationship with Avril Lavigne, his wife at the time. Besides Deryck’s ability to transmit his raw emotions, what sets this song apart is the great drum part from former band member Steve Jocz. It’s really hard to get those drums out of your head.

Anyway, here’s this week’s #ThrowbackThursday entry: With Me by Sum 41.

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  1. I’m actually not all that familiar with Sum 41’s music, but this is a good song. It’s funny how we just don’t care for certain songs at first, then one day they click with us and we end up loving them. One that immediately comes to mind for me is “Madness” by Muse. Absolutely hated it, then one day I suddenly fell in love with it.

    On another matter, I’m guessing that being married to, or in a relationship with, Avril Lavigne would be a real challenge.

    1. In my opinion, Sum 41 don’t get the respect they deserve but they’re better than your average punk-rock band. The problem is that if, like me, you’re not into metal, you will like some of their songs a lot and dislike the rest. There’s no middle ground. I highly recommend you ‘Pieces’. It’s really good.
      I’ve always found interesting how we end up loving certain songs we didn’t care much about at first. Muse’s songs are hard to get into at first. I still don’t like their songs that much but I really liked Dig Down, which I guess means I’m starting to appreciate Muse more. Maybe I’m becoming a fan.
      And I’m with you. A relationship with Avril is probably very challenging. That being said, I doubt Deryck Whibley made things easy for her either.
      Thank you as always!

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