The Guidance – I Didn’t Mean That

Artist: The Guidance

Song: I Didn’t Mean That

Genres: #altpop #indiepop

Location:  Los Angeles, United States

Release date: October, 2021

CommentI Didn’t Mean That is a hypnotic track with a playful melody and a lush electronic background. Sadly, it is also intertwined with a heartbreaking story. Stefan Pruett, aka The Guidance, suddenly passed away shortly after completing his debut album, which his family and collaborators have decided to release next year as a tribute to both his life and work. Stefan had a congenital heart diseases and he was aware he was not going to be around for much longer, which is reflected in the lyrics of this lovely track, with themes such as a regret and fear. It is remarkable that The Guidance was able to make music until the end. In a way, he reminded us how precious every second we are alive is.

Featured on the following mixtapes:

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