MIRRORS – Heading Home

MIRRORS - Heading Home


Song: Heading Home

Genres: #chillout #ambient

Location: Indianapolis, United States

Release date: April, 2022.

Comment: Here’s another chill-out gem. At one point or another in our lives, we have all had to leave the place we considered home in order to start a new life somewhere else, whether it’s going away to college or moving to a new city or country because life happens. In the process, we feel homesick for the place we’re leaving behind and, at the same time, excited in anticipation of the environment that will become our new home. How will it be? Will we get used to it? That’s the feeling that young and extremely talented music producer Joe Morgan, aka MIRRORS, wanted to convey with the fascinating “Heading Home“. This spellbinding track is simply gorgeous.

The scary part – in a good way – is that MIRRORS, a name chosen based on the project’s main catchphrase, “We reflect what we surround ourselves with,” is just getting started.

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