“Spanish Moss” by Against Me!

"Spanish Moss" by Against Me!

Artist: Against Me!

Song: Spanish Moss

Genres: #punkrock

Location: Florida, United States

Release date: June, 2010

Comment:  “Spanish Moss” by Against Me! is an energizing track from their 2010 album White Crosses. This punk rock anthem talks about the need to be who you are without feeling ashamed for it, which takes some extra meaning once you learn about the lead singer’s backstory, who back then was not known as Laura Jane Grace.

The music is catchy and powerful, with driving drums, soaring guitars and Laura Jane Grace’s passionate vocals. Given the fact that this great tune turned 13 last month, I thought it would be a good choice for #ThrowbackThursday.  So turn up the volume, sing along and let Spanish Moss take you on a journey. You won’t regret it.

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4 Replies to ““Spanish Moss” by Against Me!”

  1. Good song. She sounds a bit like the lead singer of The Struts. I’ve never heard of Laura Jane Grace or Against Me!, so looked them up on Wikipedia. Wow, what an interesting and tumultuous life story!

    1. Yeah, quite an interesting story. Also, I cannot even imagine how miserable she must have felt to go through that process under the public eye. I guess it’s even harder that way

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