The Shrugs – Loud Lights

The Shrugs

Back in 2016, five students from the University of Virginia started this band they named The Shrugs. After supporting some local bands for a while, they recorded an eponymous debut EP in 2018 and this year they followed it up with their debut full-length album, which they titled Junk Days And Radio Zones, an acronym of their own names. The story does not different too much from that of many other bands, but what sets this eclectic quintet apart is, besides the fact that they feature three lead singers, is that all five members collaborate with each other, resulting in a varied mix of styles. If music were like ice cream, The Shrugs would have scoops of punk, garage rock, indie rock and I’d say some sprinklers of jazz as well.

Take for example Loud Lights, the lead single: it would be a typical indie rock track but the the vocals from Abbey Potter give it a jazzy vibe that draws you in and leave you wanting more. A coming-of-age song, lyrically it revolves about becoming adults while longing for the simplicity and innocence of childhood. Who couldn’t relate to that? Check this up and coming band from Charlottesville out and decide for yourself. I’m sure you will enjoy their music.

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